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  1. E

    Phantom 3 cannot take off

    Hi everyone, I have a Phantom 3 Advanced which I have owned for over a year. I've performed many flights with this Phantom and not had any issues. I use the Litchi app because I like its features. Starting 2 days ago I cannot get the Phantom to take off. Usually what happens is when I perform...
  2. 28wins

    Dedicated PolarPro Landing Gear thread

    Hello folks, I hand catch most often when landing but I take off from the ground, different surfaces etc. and there is no helping the rubber padding getting dirty that way. One of the chores I really dislike is having to clean the rubber pads on my P4 each time I fly and before putting it away...
  3. 28wins

    Dedicated Vaavud Anemometers thread

    Hello everyone - I am Tom. Today was a good day! I struggle with a major fear of taking off and flying my P4 in the wind. How do you gauge where the limit is? The Phantom can only do so much when flying in strong winds and could get carried away. So the other day I asked naively on these...