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    Syncing flight data between devices?

    I fly my Phantom using the DJI Go 4 software on either my iPhone or iPad. It doesn't seem as if my flights are synced between the two devices even if I use the manual sync command to attempt to do so. Is there a way to do that I'm missing?
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    Map not showing up in DJI Go app on my iPad mini

    For the past 2 years my DJI Go app has been working very well on my iPad Mini (most recent model for the past year). In the last couple weeks the map has vanished. I'm at home and connected to Wi-fi. When I open the app and select Camera, the map in the corner remains gray and the scale changes...
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    Syncing with a new controller

    Hi guys, I'm selling my controller and batteries as I crashed and lost my drone. Need to know. Can you sync a controller with another drone? Someone asked me this and I'm not sure. Are they only synced with the drone it ships with? Many thanks
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    P2 controller sync

    Hi Unfortunately someone thought they had more right to my Phantom than me , and decided to steal it after it came down on a hill . By time I got up there it was gone It had a brand new battery( first flight )and a gopro !!. i think the battery ran down , however it did not return as it...
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    DroneDeploy Automatic Flight Syncing

    Hey everyone, Kevin from NVdrones here. We've just updated our DroneDeploy app on the App Market to be more reliable and robust - just wanted to throw it out there in case anyone is interested in trying it out. All you need to do is: Log into your DroneDeploy account Install NVsync from the...
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    Realtime image sync possible?

    Hi there Is it possible with DJI Go or 3rd party app to shoot images (and perhaps video wifthout using the youtube plugin) and immediately transfer them to my iphone or do I have to manually do this? Regards, Jonas