1. IamWedge

    The 1000 footer American Spirit Runs Aground In Duluth MN

    Yesterday was an interesting day. Over the past couple of days we have had some heavy rain fall. Strong currents are blamed for this ship running aground in Duluth MN. There is a link in the video for the cell phone that actually filmed it live. Yes, for a 100 footer that was a close call.
  2. Britishbigfoot

    Having trouble calibrating the compass

    I've had a good read, am stood miles from any metals, the controller, other objects, in an open field that is just mud. I'm wearing zero metal - I'd be naked if I tried any harder! I've successfully calibrated several P4P's, an Inspire 1, a Mavic Pro all in this exact spot. The P3S just...
  3. 1

    Trying to sell P2 with Gimbal.. but need help fixing it

    Hey guys! I'm new to this thread but I'm trying to sell my P2 with its H3-3d Gimbal already installed however for some reason now when I turn on the device it is stuck at like a 15-degree angle and won't go up any further (here is a picture: H3-3D Gimbal Broken..). I've tried plugging it into my...
  4. charlieWhelan

    P4 Stuck 100 Ft in Tree

    Thought I would share my mistake for all to enjoy. On Sunday, I was trying to do a low fly by over the tree tops in sport mode. I caught the top branch of an enormous tree. The drone was perfectly hung up 100 FT HIGH, and snow was coming that night.. Had to get a bucket lift to come...