1. S

    Looking for rLight Recommendations?

    I just received my night waiver from the FAA and I'm looking for recommendations on purchasing strobes for my Phantom 4 Pro? What's the best/easiest setup? Thanks!
  2. PilotRyan

    Strobe for your Phantom

    Hello Phantom Pilots My name is Ryan, owner of MultiRoto a US based manufacturer and designer of the PROLITE strobe and navigation lighting system. I started out creating lighting solutions for FPV, LOS, and freestyle flying but are expanding the products to include other UAS, UAV, and drones...
  3. David Cooke

    Hacking 12v in P4 for strobes

    p4 is hard enough to keep in sight based on size and background light. Anyone know how to get 12 volts from inside to outside the case so I can add some long range strobes?
  4. rDp

    Strobe/Navigation Lights for P4 and P2V

    I'm looking for a supplier for Strobe/Navigation lights for my P4 and P2V. At a distance I am unable to identify via line-of-sight my flight direction. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  5. nil

    My hacky P3 strobes

    I sometimes fly my P3 at night and wanted a way to see my bird at night and make sure other bigger aircraft could see it too so I decided to add some strobes to it. I tried a couple of different options and finally settled on this setup. I had 2 of these laying around from my cycling days and...