start mission failed

  1. O

    Pressuring DJI to backout Enable Max Distance reset

    As some of you know, ending a mission, and changing out a battery causes the Enable Max Distance button (in DJI Go 4) to reset to off (assuming you had previously set it to on/green/enabled). If you are a frequent Litchi user, you may well see this reset manifested in the following error...
  2. O

    Litchi: "Over maximum flight radius" after battery change

    Just in case this helps anybody: I recently began seeing the popup error message when starting Litchi waypoint missions: "Start Mission Failed - Over maximum flight radius". I discovered that when I see that error message, I can start DJI Go 4 and see that it has lost the "Enabled/On" selection...
  3. NorthcountySD

    Litchi Question Aircraft altitude is too high

    I have used Litchi sucessfully a few times and really like how well it works. I planed out a mission that took me around a foothill and out of contact just to test that capibility. figured out the elevations and plotted out the course. For my first attempt I got a "Start Mission Failed...