1. R

    SRP filter trouble again

    Well, 7g in extra wight from a SRP ND8 filter "is to heavy". Besides, as read in many threads here in the forum, the cover ring is two tight for success, so I decided to use only the filter glass, original filter glass with the DJI P4 pro glass. Just a difficult question I have to find the...
  2. tml4191

    Rates #1 ND Filters for the Phantom 3 SRP Snake River Prototyping

    These were bought "brand new" from an auction, so I've fitted it on the phantom 3 pro to see if it fits, and it works. These filters run $57 a piece, and they are regarded as THE BEST ND filters for a phantom according to some people here on phantom pilots. *I bought this for a lot cheaper...
  3. J

    Gopro Hero 4 black plus xtra 5.4mm lens / 2 SRP ND filters / LCD back

    A used but working perfectly gopro 4 black with the original lens and the 5.4mm lens that removes all fish eye! The SRP ND filters are the best. Plus the LCD is attachable on the back and included are various mounts. I am in London and can ship in the UK. £299