1. Chuck1906

    Intervals for timelapse

    I keep seeing videos on YT stating you can set an interval as low as 1-2 seconds on the P3P using the Go App. How is this possible? When I checked the settings, my lowest interval was either :5 or :10. Is it better to just set some waypoints and manually press the shutter button every 1-2...
  2. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    DJI combo | Jetski Water Activities Norway | P4A and Osmo Plus

    Check out this short teaser made for a local business promoting water activities in the southern Norway :) Clips filmed yesterday and this is a small comp with some of them :)
  3. L

    Can't get a manual exposure slower than 1/50

    I've had this drone for about a year, yet I've still not been able to get a long enough exposure time...the slowest shutter speed I can get is 1/50
  4. R

    Trying to get smooth speed transitions. 1 mph?

    I am a bit new to Litchi, but must say that I am enjoying it so far. What I am trying to do is get smooth speed acceleration and deceleration from certain way points. Example, I would like waypoint 1 to start off slowly and gain speed to its cruising speed of 10 miles an hour gradually. Then...
  5. Tobrouk

    Strange behavior at higher speed

    Hi everyone! I just got a Phantom 4 back from repair (had a crash due to a faulty battery). For some reason DJI sent me another one. Fine, except that after a few flights I'm experiencing a very strange behavior every time I get some speed. Let me try to explain what I see. You have one log...
  6. A


  7. M

    Filming in S exposure mode

    I cannot film in S mode because aperture variations are not smoth. Is there a trick to fix that? I film in M mode. I set a fixed ISO, Aperture and Speed and then adjust light variations in Premiere
  8. S

    Need for speed

    Hi! I recently bought a new P4. Although the range is good, 10000 feet so far without windsurfers, I'm somewhat disappointed with the maximum speed. The bird seldom reaches more than 10 m/s // 36 km/h // 23 mph in windless condition. This is even when I put it in sports mode. Is there some...
  9. M

    Point of interest speed

    Today I started a POI mission whith GO4. I placed the drone at the POI, 100m altitude and set it, then move it to a point 260m away, radius 260 m and I was asked to start. I couldn't set the speed, it was greyed out and set to 0.9 m/s, extremely slow. I started over and happened the same. Last...
  10. tml4191

    Did dji cap the top speed?

    It seems lile I'm not able to get past 29.5 mph, or it's consitantly topping off around there. I feel like it wasn't like that when I first got it. I'm just wondering....
  11. Paul55

    Speed Question

    I am a new pilot with a P4 and I have been using both DJIGO and LITCHI (I think both have their merits) but here is my issue: The maximum speed I now can obtain with the P4 using DJIGO is 18 MPH on the 'GPS'setting. I can still get up to 49 MPH on the Sport setting. I do always force-kill...
  12. R

    Only 6 miles per hour backward? Pilot error I am sure...

    I was hired to do a little work for a local film being made here in town. I was on a straight stretch of road flying in Course Lock backwards in front of a Jeep (about 20-30 ft in front). And no matter what I did I could not get that PH4P to go faster than about 8 or 10 mph. After fooling...
  13. PlasticNerd

    P4 Has reached Max Speed

    So, I was flying last night at the beach and I flew through a "natural bridge" created by years of errosion. Going from beach to ocean side was no problem, but coming back thru from ocean side my P4 stopped - like there was an obstruction- so I grabbed it while it was hovering, with no hands on...
  14. thefrisbee995

    What's Your Highest Speed Speed With The P4P?

    Just wondering what the highest speed speed is anyone has got on here with their P4P with or without the wind helping them? I got 79.8mph today in the wind and was amazed. Couldn't find a specific thread on this.
  15. R

    Cruising speed of Litchi mission finish-actions?

    I understand that cruising speed between waypoints will match the speed last communicated by the RC, but what about after the last waypoint is reached? If the end-of-mission-action is "RTH", is that executed at normal RTH speed, or at the--potentially much slower--speed last received? Does...
  16. SoCalDude

    New Speed Record (for me, at least!)

    I flew my drone today at 81.8 km/h (50.83 mph) for a short spurt coming off an ocean flight. There was a slight tailwind at 225° relative to my heading at 20.45 km/h (12.71 mph) This is the fastest I have ever flew the "Gainous One" aircraft. I got daring after watching a fellow pilot fly his...
  17. Member

    Litchi waypoints: uploaded vs controller?

    Hello Pilots, P3P user here. I'm new to Litchi and haven't used it out in the field yet. I want to plan the missions very carefully (leaving lots of extra altitude in different terrains, always going above trees, and open fields, etc) but based on past experience, the video feed will stop...
  18. D

    Range versus speed

    I am having a great time with my 4. Sport mode is very fast , my go app has recorded once 85 mph with a wind, not kidding. I just wanted to know if anyone had done a comparison between speed and distance , at what speed do you get the longest distance. I normally fly about 17-19 miles per hour...
  19. Drestin Black

    P4 Go App Follow Me Mode

    I click Follow me, set height about, what, 30 feet and click Apply. And from that point, my P4 will follow the controller and maintain altitude and distance and angle to me. BUT it won't go faster than 13.5 mph. Is this your experience? A max speed of 13.5 in Follow me makes this useless for me...
  20. B

    Speed Limit and Active Track Questions

    I've been trying to figure out what I can do with the DJI GO app before moving over to something like Litchi or Autopilot. I'm flying a P4 with the latest firmware and v2.8.0 of the GO app. I was using Follow-Me the other day flying over water and tracking a boat I was riding in. It's clear...