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  1. S

    South African remote pilot license

    Does anybody here know the easiest and most cost effective way to obtain a RPL in South Africa? Most agencies charge more than R18 000 to do the course, which I think is a bit outrageous compared to other countries?
  2. M

    South African Laws - Drone Flying

    Hi all, I got my new Phantom 4 and will be going to George/Knysna this coming weekend. I don't have my license yet, what are the rules and regulations for flying in the above mentioned area? Saw a map on, is it safe to fly in the areas with no colour? Of course staying 50m...
  3. H

    Cape Town and coastal areas around, South Africa

    Hi all. I am driving to Cape Town in January from Windhoek. Any local advise on where the best/safe/legal sites to fly are? I know I can not fly in parks, near airports, etc. But are there designated sites especially for us? Or the sites I can safely use without bothering anyone/being bothered...
  4. SiliconGeek

    South Africa

    hi all! I am going to be spending a couple weeks here in South Africa. I am a us citizen, registered with the faa, non-commercial. Can I fly legally in South Africa, and if yes, what are the general outlines of the rules there? Thanks so much in advance. Jo
  5. Y

    Hello from the place with lions

    Hi everyone. I am a hobbyist drone user (Being flying for roughly 2 years) and keen photographer who edits videos every now and then. Those video usually end up on YouTube. I live in South Africa which is pretty civilized but at the same time has some beautiful nature. I try to make my videos...
  6. L

    The Best Drone Selfie of All Time!

    This is what I believe is the best drone selfie ever made. Let me know if you disagree :P
  7. A

    Phantom 4 beach pics

    Mossel bay, South Africa Mossel bay, South Africa by ACJ posted Sep 20, 2016 at 5:25 AM
  8. A

    Epic footage in Durban, South Africa

  9. A

    Wild Coast, South Africa

    I recently got the chance to get some footage in this beautiful part of South Africa. Tips and crits are most welcome as I'm quite new at this and would appreciate your comments.
  10. D

    Questions About Taking Drone to South Africa this Summer

    I am going to South Africa this summer and have read a lot about how it is illegal to fly in many areas. I was curious to ask someone who actually flys in South Africa and knows how the rules are enforced. Would I still be able to fly at Table Mountain and Lions Head or is that a no go? I just...