1. tml4191

    How Do You Edit HEVC / H.265 Files Smoothly?

    I've found that vegas 14 lags when handling HEVC /h.265 files from my p4a, but it's fine with h.264 files regardless of mp4 or mov formats. If I were to convert my h.265 footage for easier editing, what's a recommended converter? I'd still be looking to color correct my footage though. For the...
  2. B

    3DR Site Scan Drone-Designed for Construction and Engineering

    Many of you have heard about 3DR's step into the drone industry. The Solo was a good start with an unimpressive ending. Recently, 3DR has come back into the market with new product but one that is more aimed for professional, the 3DR Site Scan Drone.
  3. tml4191

    Anybody else getting problems with video files after the latest firmware?

    My mp4 h.265 file won't load properly onto vegas 14. I have to manually import it through the option unlike all the other videos that can just go in by dragging and dropping. Here's the thread on DJi's forum: Did the new firmware affect mp4 files? It doesn't load onto vegas... Is anyone else...
  4. Tecnocato

    How to flip roll and tilt to Zenmuse H3-3D/H4-3D?

    I want to experiment using the Zenmuse H3-3D/H4-3D with a Sony Action Cam. I have done this with other gimbals and the challenge is to invert the behavior of the roll and pitch axis. Why? The cameras point in different direction when seated on the GoPro mount and there is no Sony 3D gimbal for...
  5. E

    Phantom 2 Chinese brushless gimbal with sony AS100

    Hi, Maybe it will be helpful for someone who has got Sony AS100: Phantom 2 + AS100 + Chinese gimbal: Pitch control: