signal lost

  1. A

    Dji P3S losing signal at around 400m.

    Hey. My DJI Phantom 3 standard loses signal at around 400m. I have tried adjusting the antenna and even bought a range extender. Beginner mode is off and everything else works perfectly with the drone. Am flying in an area far away from radio interference and was wondering if anyone could help...
  2. R

    P3 Firmware Rc signal statusbar jumps from full to zero

    About three weeks ago i started getting wierd signal lost problems. I have flown 60 kilometers so i know what range it used to have, and now it has dropped from 500 meters to about 130 meters. i have gone trough the forums and tried: changeing the angle of the rc, relinking rc, calibrating rc...
  3. P

    Signal lost

    after the latest update i lost the signal.. i tries several ways to get back no use .. iim using phantom 3 advance
  4. D

    ARGtek mode or DBS mode with a P3S that has signal lost issue

    Hello... my P3S loosing signal within 40-m after 1.6.8 firmware upgrading.. I wonder what will happen If I use DBS mode or ARGtek in this situation.. if you have tried it.. please tell me the results.. Can we get at least 500m range??
  5. P

    No Signal, won't take pictures or capture video

    First time drone buyer, I have the Phamtom 3 advance. It's a week old and I'm having problems with it taking pictures and video. If I hit the shutter button it snaps it and freezes the live feed for 10-15 seconds before resuming. It never saves the picture to flight records though the say I did...
  6. Albert D

    P3P Way Point End of Mission RTH Tested and Verified

    I actually posted this info in a different forum and was asked to post it here also. After reading much discussion and speculation, I decided to do some real time testing with Way point and Orbit missions to verify exactly what happens at the end of missions when battery gets low. I conducted...
  7. G

    Urgent Help/Advice Needed !

    Colleague Pilots, I'm in a situation where I need everyone's assistance/advise very urgently... So thanks in advance to everyone who can shed any light on this. Quick overview: I'm traveling across Chile/Argentina and still have week of amazing pictures ahead, but my P3A went completely MAD...
  8. E

    RC signal lost after 100/150mt

    Hi guys ! Can anyone help me ?! I flown normally one day, the day after, i turned it on, tried to fly, and after 100/150mt RC SIGNAL LOST !!! I tried to change location, maybe there was something there, but nothing, the problem persists ! I've done the imu calibration, re-linked the rc... and...
  9. Nanomien

    Loss of signal after crash. P3 survived but ...

    Im always careful while flying, but today it happened. I crashed my Phantom 3 Pro in a tree. Luckily it was on very low altitude (3 meters/9 feet). It went upside down on the way down and crashed with propellers down and the legs up. The camera flew off and two propellers was chipped. But the...