1. SarahMdr

    Selling DJI Phantom4 Standard Parts Body, etc (see photos/ make offer)

    If you are interested in buying Phantom 4 shell, body, internal components, etc.. please contact me And I will be happy to email or text you more photos. See photos for details. This was not our drone and we do not have a lot of info on it, but certainly good parts that can be repaired or...
  2. B

    Should I update before new shell install?

    Crashed Phantom 3 Pro last fall. Had small amount of damage to landing gear and body. Since I already had stress cracks on arms, I am going to replace shell and gear. My question has to do with me not using for 6 months and no updates. Should I update everything before I tear the phantom down? I...
  3. B

    P3 A/P Shell with Motors, GPS, Vision/Lightbridge Module

    I have a phantom 3 Advanced that the main board is giving me an ESC error on so selling as is. The shell is in pretty good shape other than some pry mark's from the previous owner opening it. No cracks in the arms with only one scuf near the tip. Battery/main board holder is new. Main board...
  4. tml4191

    Update on Xdynamics' Carbon Fiber Quadcopter

    Xdynamics' New Evolve Drone is a Carbon Fiber Quadcopter! - WeTalkUAV
  5. S

    Is there anyone that can fix an ESC error?

    I crashed my p4 and after the crash it still flew perfectly. The body was damaged so i replaced it, and i (tried) sanding the coating off the motor wires (i spliced them). If there is anyone that I can ship this too, or that can help me please contact me. When I connect the controller it says...
  6. S


    Hi, I am a 15 year old pilot, and it had been a dream for me to buy a phantom. I had wanted one for a couple of years. So just a few months ago, I had enough money to buy one. So I convinced my parents to buy a Phantom 4. I am an experienced pilot and flying the phantom was a breeze. The other...
  7. B

    Cool use of an old Phantom shell

  8. jdwarren

    Brand New Phantom 3 Hard Shell Backpack Case

    ******SOLD******* Hey everyone! I am selling a brand new hardshell backpack case for DJI Phantom 3 drones (professional, advanced, 4K, standard). It fits your drone, controller, monitor, extra batteries + more space. Condition: Brand new, never used. Price: SOLD Reason why I am selling...
  9. P

    Crash..Cracked shell where motor is mounted

    I thought I was above a large tree and went directly into it. I lost two props and my P4P fell about 40'. See attached. Does anyone know where I can order a new shell? P4 will not work, doesn't have all the sensor cut outs...... Thanks in advance
  10. tml4191

    Taking apart the p4p?

    does anyone have a how to video? Looking to hydropdip the shell, so I need to know how to safely dissemble it.
  11. Patrick

    P4 Shell Cracks?

    Has anyone else found cracks in their P4 shell? Yikes, never crashed , in fact i've never actually landed this phantom , hand catch every time since where i fly is pretty dusty :(
  12. M

    Yet ANOTHER Drone Crash

    Hey guys! So, I'm creating this post both to share a mildly entertaining story, and to glean some information that I need from the community. My questions are highlighted near the bottom. So let's get started... So I just got back from Mexico this week. I did a lot of flying, and captured a...
  13. H

    Changing the shell, motor mounting problem

    Hi, I had a little crash with my P3A and one of the arms bent. So I got another body, so I was putting all the parts into the new one and when I wanted to screw the motors in, I found out that there is a different mounting system. View the photos. On the photo with the motor, there is the new...
  14. E

    Lower Body Part for Phantom 1

    I have a new lower body shell for a phantom 1. I bought it by mistake and just want to get my money back! 25$ or best offer.
  15. B

    Shell Comparison

    Is the P4 shell more sturdy than the previous models? It appears to possibly be made from different materials.
  16. R

    Shell Parts

    Friends what the number or name of the P3 inside the shell that protects the battery and fixed tb the mother board anyway?
  17. D

    DJI Hardshell Backpack new version

    Very lightly used, like new DJI Hardshell backpack. This is the new version that fits all models of Phantom 3. I was super impressed by the fit and finish of this. Had plenty of room for everything I needed to carry including my windsurfer. $110 Shipped
  18. Eric1084

    New Phantom. Got a returned unit, and have old motors. Help.

    I just received my Phantom 3 Professional that I ordered from Adorama on Black Friday. Upon opening the box, everything seems fine. Except... The outer box is dirty(Probably from storage). So I thought 'Okay. That doesn't mean anything'. And I opens the box. Start charging the controller. After...
  19. Tashier

    DJI Warranty repair of Shell cracks - My experience

    FYI, I owned my P3P for 1.5 months before I noticed very slight shell cracks in the typical screw holes. I contacted DJI by phone and created a ticket. Yes I was on hold for quite a while to get through. DJI sent me a shipping label for free and I shipped it. Received 2-3 days later and I...