1. N

    problems in the height of the photos

    hello people I make a query yesterday take 2 pictures of the same place at different heights and the heights appear wrong because the photo at higher height fugura with less height than the other. and is more to take a picture when I take the drone, and figure 44 meters to heights in the photo...
  2. S

    Obstacle avoidance

    I bought my P4 refurbished and the front sensors work but I dont think the bottom works. If i use the controller to land, it will not stop or avoid objects below. Does the bottom sensors only work for RTH or a bad refurbished?
  3. S

    What Is The CCD WIDTH Of The DJI Phantom 4 Pro Camera Sensor?

    Does anyone out there know what the CCD WIDTH of the 20 megapixel DJI Phantom 4 Pro camera sensor is?
  4. D

    -58c Battery Temperature Reading

    So I just got a new drone and took it for a first flight, and it works flawlessly. Today I decided I would take it up again but I got a low temperature during discharge error and it says my battery is at -58c. I was doing it in a 70f room so the reading is obviously incorrect. Now, I cant even...
  5. dougvg

    P4 Pro won't fly directly into the sun

    Or even close, actually. When the sun is at a very low angle and the aircraft is headed toward it, the front sensors apparently misread the sun as an object in the path, and it refuses to fly forward. Well, at least we don't have to worry about the Phantom flying into the sun and melting, like...
  6. HeyJuffy

    Camera Sensor and Gimball Related Error

    I crashed my drone to a tree using sport mode. Fell down with battery separated from the main body. Checked overall status - found the following error: - Camera Sensor Error - Gimbal cannot receive Main Controller Data Camera and Gimbal is working but when attempted to take off - controller...
  7. M

    Size Camera Sensor Phantom 4

    Hello, I need to know the exact size of the Phantom 4 sensor. On the website they report a measure in inches 1 / 2.3 , but this measure is that of the sensor ? Diagonal , Width , Height ? On the lens specifications, it informs that has a focal length of 20mm to 35mm value sensor format. So...
  8. M

    Phantom 4 Camera Stopped Working - Need Advice

    So I have been flying my phantom 4 around this first week or so and it has been great! Though yesterday I had a minor crash and fall, I hit a tree at a fairly low height and speed. 1 Propeller broke others scuffed up, hit the ground landing gear first, and 1 side of the landing gear has a...
  9. A

    Interesting info HealthyDrones brought to my attention

    I have only flown in my backyard and within a 300 foot radius (yes, very conservative so far). When I loaded my telemetry into HealthyDrones I found something strange (at least I think so). I uploaded 6 flights and the first and last flights show sensor data all in the red, while the middle 4...
  10. Jaybee

    New Inspire1 camera to have MFT sensor

    DJI just slipped up on their RSS feed, just seen this popup and disappear: "Packed with a powerful MFT sensor, the camera also takes 16.4MP images with stunning details, while the integrated 3-axis stabilization gimbal keeps the camera level. Finally, an aerial camera that’s truly fit for the...