1. Zzzoom3

    Fast SD Card Offload

    Just received Lexar Pro UHS-II 64GB microSDXC. Did a write test from internal SSD to microSDXC and reversed it from microSDXC to internal SSD for read; six files totaling 6.1 GB sustained write average of 57 MB/s sustained read average of 125 MB/s Fastest SD card I have ever used!
  2. M

    Fast MicroSD card not usable in P4P

    I just received a new Lexar 64GB Pro Micro SDXC card UHS-II (1000X) from B & H. I popped it into my Phantom 4 Pro, and I got an SD Card Error message. No more details seemed to be available. The card appeared to be preformatted OK on my Windows PC. What's the problem? Should I send the...
  3. N

    Invalid SD card

    Executive summary: P3S can NOT use SDXC cards. P3S only supports up to and including SDHC. Hope this helps others who are likely having the same problem I've had. I have a P3S. Attempted to use a SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I 64 GB.P3S can NOT use SDXC cards.Yes according the P3S manual it...