sd cards

  1. H

    SD card ejected while flying on my Phantom 4 advanced!

    Hey I wonder if this has happened to other Phantom 4 drone owners. Yesterday I was flying in really mesmerizing landscapes in the south of Sweden, for around 30min, and then I changed the batterie, and before flying I saw the SD card icon was red with exclamation mark the SD card was gone, so I...
  2. B

    SD Card Error – Card or Hardware?

    Hi all I bought a Phantom 3 Standard on ebay. First flight, no problem – apart from SD card error. I first tried the Sony SD card the owner had inadvertently left in the case. No luck. In any case, he said he had never used that in the Phantom. So I bought another – the Kingston pictured...
  3. T

    SD card in controller vs aircraft P4

    Can anyone advise on the different function fulfilled by the SD card in the phantom4 aircraft vs the micro SD card in the controller? Do they interact or have different functions? Where should the one with most memory sit? Thanks
  4. Skyler King III

    MicroSD card too slow?

    In my Phantom 4 Pro +, using a Lexar 64GB XC1 "633x" while recording video, I frequently get a message that says "video too slow" or something like that. Video stops. You can start again but stops every few minutes. This MicroSD card is blue and black. Comments and suggestions? I don't have...
  5. Winelad

    So frustrated:(

    Hi guys , was so excited to get my first drone yesterday, a dji p3 standard . 2 x fruitless nights now and still cannot update firmware . Keeps saying no sd card detected . This is using both the 8gb card that it came with and a 64gb SanDisk I purchased . Same error on both . On line dji chat...
  6. ryantrax

    Two Lexar 64GB Micro SDXC 633x eBay Deal for $29.99

    eBay's deal of the day is 2 Lexar 64GB Micro SDXC 633x cards for $29.99 free shipping. This is the same one that came with our P3's (only more capacity) Got mine ordered :D Lexar 2-Pack 64GB microSDXC UHS-I 633X Memory Card 95MB/s 128GB Total + $30 Vudu