1. S

    RF-V16 tracker and H2O Wireless issues

    App and text settings aren't working with my H2O Wireless sim card with RF-V16 GPS Tracker. When I try to update the settings from the ReachFar App I get "Current device is offline. Can't send commands" When I try to update setting via text, I do not get a text response back. GPS does work and...
  2. J

    RF-V16 Tracking Issues Help Needed

    I recently purchased a RF-V16 tracker and recommendations from various threads. Now I am about to pull my hair out trying to set it up. The SIM card is AT&T which is one of a few platforms required. I can get the device to receive commands and send confirmations. Both LED lights flash fast, so...
  3. Extreme24

    SOLD RF-V16

    I bought 2 by mistake, if anyone needs one. Located in Dallas 43.00 I'll take care of the shipping.
  4. U

    RF-V16 in Canada

    I'm hoping that someone might be able to offer some advice as to how to get this potentially solid tracker up and running. It's been a bit of an uphill battle thus far. I'm looking to get it going in the most cost efficient manner since I won't be using it all the time. I've tried a prepaid...