1. A

    Standard Video quality

    Hi guys, New here, I'm looking to find out why my video quality is not as good as other p3s video's I've seen uploaded. I'm trying to use 2.7k at 25fps for my video's. I've seen other people post 2.7k 25fps clips and they seem to run much smoother. It's almost like the fps on mine is lower...
  2. K

    Standard How to lower video feed resolution?

    I am using the DJI GO app version 3.1.28 in the United States for my Phantom 3 (standard version). The HD icon and video quality settings for transmission, which I've seen mentioned elsewhere, do not appear to be present on my version of the DJI app. This is a big headache as it limits my...
  3. S

    Why P4P video size changed between recordings?!

    Hello All, When I'm recording several videos during the same fly with 1920 width settings, the height of the recorded video is always different: 1072px then 1048px then 1080px then 1064px ... It should always be 1920 x 1080 xp!!! What's happening??
  4. J

    Resolution of still RAW images is low

    When i make still images with my P4, the JPEG image is 8 megapixels large, at 4000x2250 pixels. The RAW image that is made simultaneously in 'J+R-mode' however, is only 940x 540 pixels. Very small indeed and too small for larger prints. How can I fix this?
  5. W

    Unwanted Video Distortion

    Hi, I just got the phantom 4 and there first couple of videos that I took with it look good but the buildings/ rooftops of houses have some lines that make them sort of look like they're moving and kind pixelated... if i change from shooting in 4K will that fix it? does shooting in 1080 or 2.7...
  6. Rjak

    How to change resolution & frame rate with DJI Go v3.x

    Hello Phantom Pilots, I have been a lurker here for a couple weeks in anticipation of my new P3S, which arrived today. I have flown it twice today and I am IN LOVE. This seems like a great community, and I've already learned a lot, so thank you everybody! I wanted to make a post to help new...
  7. I

    P4P vs P4 Camera resolution comparison

    I bought a P4P this weekend specifically for its larger imager and higher resolution camera. My application is photogrammetry as it applies to gold exploration so still image quality is more important than movie quality. The good news - resolution is better than the P4. The bad news - its not...
  8. GekoDiveBali

    Do we actually have a 20MP camera?

    On iOS, I cannot access the 3:2 ratio for pictures. Anyone managed to set the P4P so we get the claimed 3:2 Aspect Ratio: 5472 × 3648 = 20MP? As per the manual: 4:3 Aspect Ratio: 4864 × 3648 = 18MP 16:9 Aspect Ratio: 5472 × 3078 = 17MP If we can't set the P4P at 3:2 ratio, then we really have...
  9. Bartzonio

    Polar Pro ND Filters and still picture shooting

    Hey everybody ! I have just tried my new filters from PolarPro. It is the vivid collection from cinema series. Its been a nice evening and I´m just impressed how much difference can actually polarized nd filters do. It is my first set of nd filters on my P3A so I cannot really compare what the...
  10. Y

    Advanced Low display resolution with iPad Air 2 vs. iPhone 6 with DJI GO app

    Hello everyone, I was always using my iPhone 6 to fly my Phantom 3 Advanced and the display was awesome with amazing resolution but i decided to upgrade and buy an iPad Air 2. But now with the iPad while flying even in close range and no interference around the display is very pixelated as if i...