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    What's special about the P3 SE ?

    I hope other p3 se owners help me with this because I'm really confused !!! Lately, I bought the phantom 3 SE knowing that it was the most recent phantom 3 ever made ( so logically it was the most expensive too...), knowing also that it came out after the phantom 4 I thought that it would be...
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    Life expectancy of Phantom 4 pro +

    Hey guys i have found a few older posts on here but hoping for an update, I am looking into buying the DJI Phantom 4 Pro + the only thing stopping me is trying to get a ball park answer of how long one of these drones will last if cared for (crash free, cleaned after each flight, stored in a...
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    DJI Community Research

    Hello there! We are students from the University of Oklahoma, and we are conducting a DJI pilot research experiment. If you are a DJI pilot and want a chance to win a $25 dollar Amazon gift card, please fill out our 5 minute survey and leave your email at the end. Contact me at...