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    Are compatible the P3S and P3 SE Gyroscope Units?

    I need to replace the sensor unit which is located at roll motor of a P3S. Can I use one from a P3 Se?
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    P3P replacement lens (not lens cover)

    First post, so try to be gentle (I kid... if I'm being an idiot, tell me so. I have thick skin). I've had my P3P for over a year. Have seemed to notice a very small smudge in videos I've taken, but never got around to actually going to inspect the camera (Here's where I was an idiot). I've...
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    DJI insist its NOT compass DEFECT and it made my p3p FLY AWAY

    My drone brought 1 year ago, flying really normal and good until TODAY FLY AWAY due to compass malfunction!!! ##Read it may be need your little time, but beware it can happen on you.### 15/6/2016 : I'm in the place that is really familiar and I have been flew many many times. 15/6 I flew it...
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    Phantom 2 brain in a new body

    I've been all over the net looking for anyone who's done this and came up empty, so I signed up here to see if you guys have attempted it. Essentially, I crashed my phantom (surprise) and mangled the body and esc. I repaired the esc, but the body is another matter and needs replacing. Anyway, I...