repair cost

  1. SignumX

    Ideas for a Phantom 4 wreck

    I picked up a wrecked P4 that had been flown into a cliff. It still flies well, but as the gimbal is totally messed up and the camera gone = no live view. I really bought it just for the extra batteries that were included along with the one battery that had been in the crash and all batteries...
  2. TraskKimball_707

    Professional Slightly Damaged Drone

    Hi there, now i’v been flying drones for about 3-4 years now, and by this time i know the difference between pilot error and a technical error. i was coming in for landing, and when i touched down the front two motors glitched causing them to accelerate and the aircraft started flying backwards...

    Professional Drone Repair Recommendations San Francisco Bay Area

    Hi. We're looking for a drone repair location within the San Francisco Bay Area. Anyone here has any recommendations? It appears to to be the outer casing and possibly some of the wiring. Other than that it appears to be functioning normally for 3 of the other propellers. Thanks.
  4. K

    Standard Repairs

    Hey guys, I was flying my phantom 3 until I crashed it into the side of my house. I have some pictures and I was wondering how much it would cost to replace. Also where could I get it replaced? The gimbal is still in the gutter and I am trying to get it out. Any help would be appreciated...
  5. Skyler King III

    DJI Repair Scam. I am suing

    Over the last year or so I have had a few minor "accidents" with my DJI drones (I have P4, P4P, Inspire 1 V2.0, Mavic, Spark). Each time, even though it might be a warranty issue or a very minor repair, they send me an invoice for some $500 to $600 with listed replacements of body, landing gear...
  6. firepol

    Crashed P3A, worth to repair or better sell for parts?

    Hi there, INTRODUCTION a few weeks ago I crashed my P3A. I was using a banggood battery (the one with 4.9 star ratings, with "warranty" etc.), I saw an error "1 cell damage" and by the time I realized it and tried to land, it just crashed near me. I was depressed for my loss, especially...
  7. P3A_Demon

    Headed to DJI for repair.

    Hello, Phantom 3 Advance owner here, trying to help a friend with a Vision Plus Video problem. I sent it in to DJI for diagnostics and was wondering about a couple things. Wanted some input from anyone who has sent one in. It has the WiFi (no video) issue, but also has a gimble obstruction...