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  1. C

    Issue repairing Mavic Air2s

    Dear community, Cyrille from Nice in France, I am facing an issue with my drone air2s from DJI, due to a crash, I change the Gimbal cable, after assembling everything, I had this issue 400002 Gimbal blocked, but it seems to move fine on 3 axes see the video on we transfert ling : IMG_7947...
  2. D

    P4P repair- DJI or authorized DGI repair center

    I have 2 P4Ps that are out of warranty and need repairs. Both drones need repair to the landing struts and one also has a malfunctioning gimble. Looking for feedback as to whether send them back to DJI for repair or use a US Authorized DJI repair center. Opinions and experience would be...
  3. K

    Best Repair Center

    I have a P4P that is just out of warranty and has an intermittant GPS problem (Drone Deploy reports "poor GPS health). While flying w/ GO it jumps in and out of ATTI mode. Looks like I need to send it in. I am in Idaho so looking for continental US. I've read the horror stories about DJI factory...
  4. TraskKimball_707

    Slightly Damaged Drone

    Hi there, now i’v been flying drones for about 3-4 years now, and by this time i know the difference between pilot error and a technical error. i was coming in for landing, and when i touched down the front two motors glitched causing them to accelerate and the aircraft started flying backwards...

    Drone Repair Recommendations San Francisco Bay Area

    Hi. We're looking for a drone repair location within the San Francisco Bay Area. Anyone here has any recommendations? It appears to to be the outer casing and possibly some of the wiring. Other than that it appears to be functioning normally for 3 of the other propellers. Thanks.
  6. M

    This is not my drone. DJI Repair sent me back someone else’s broken P4 drone!!

    I had my P4 for about 3 months, the gimbal was never level no matter how many calibrations I did, it had issues connecting to the app and would quit various times while flying and I kept getting an ESC error. I contacted DJI and they told me to send it in for repair. After waiting 2 months I...
  7. D

    Indianapolis Drone Repair

    Hi, My name is Daniel Smirnov with Smirnov's Computer Repair located in Carmel. I'm an Informatics Major, have consistently been on the Dean's list, and am TestOut PC Pro Certified. We've been repairing and building all types of tech for years. Be it drones, printers, TV's, computers, you...
  8. C

    ESC Status Error after attempted repair of motors. Looking for advice/ a good repair company

    Hi everyone, tl;dr: Tried to replace motors, received ESC Status Error on DJI GO app. Considering sending it in to get fixed professionally. Don't know if I should send it to DJI or to a 3rd party company. Pictures are embedded below. I crashed my P3A into a wall and two of the arms were bent...
  9. P

    Phantom 4- Remote not holding charge

    Hello everyone I'm a newbie so please bare with me... So I purchased a P4 and an extra battery last week, and I charged my batteries and controller to a full charge prior to my first flight. Last night during my 3rd flight my controller started beeping and a red light started flashing due to...