red light on controller

  1. T

    RED-LED Controller after firmware update.

    Hello Folks, First of all, let me introduce myself and say a warm welcome to all of you other Phantom pilots. I Hope that i can become a contributing member over time. Now to my problem, when i turned my drone on today, it said that i had to update the firmware for the controller, so i did so...
  2. S

    Controller Not Charging

    So I'm having some trouble with a Phantom 4 I recently purchased used off of LetGo (an app like Craigslist), and we're having some trouble with the charging of the controller. Ill plug it in, and it will be one blinking white light when I have it charging and then it will go to solid red. After...
  3. Wouter

    My Phantom 4 remote control.

    Hi guys. My Phantom 4 remote control doesn't talk to my I-phone 6 plus and a red light keeps burning on the RC. Please help. I haven't flown for a while, but kept my batteries loaded all the time. I'm using Litchi.
  4. LoneStarLori

    Newbie problem with transmitter

    Hi all, let me say thanks in advance to any advice I might find on here. We are new to drone flying and hope to make it a great hobby. I'm sure I'll be visiting this forum often. I am having problems getting my P2V in the air due to a transmitter issue. I bought it slightly used from a friend...
  5. Shep

    Red Light on RC after update - but gone with Aircraft on

    First time posting (so be gentle :) ) This is for my Phantom 3 Pro. Saw that there was a 1.6.04 update, so downloaded from DJI and followed instructions (watched linked video on DJI page - which seems to be wrong). Update to bird went fine. Video says to use the same .bin file on RC, but...