1. SarahMdr

    Selling DJI Phantom4 Standard Parts Body, etc (see photos/ make offer)

    If you are interested in buying Phantom 4 shell, body, internal components, etc.. please contact me And I will be happy to email or text you more photos. See photos for details. This was not our drone and we do not have a lot of info on it, but certainly good parts that can be repaired or...
  2. DroneJI

    Professional Phantom Hardware Kit, (What are the Black Foam Blocks?)

    Anyone know what these Foam Blocks are for in this Phantom Hardware kit? The seller doesn’t seem to know. I circled them in yellow.
  3. B

    Should I update before new shell install?

    Crashed Phantom 3 Pro last fall. Had small amount of damage to landing gear and body. Since I already had stress cracks on arms, I am going to replace shell and gear. My question has to do with me not using for 6 months and no updates. Should I update everything before I tear the phantom down? I...
  4. R

    For the skilled in rebuilding one, I'm selling my P4P

    I am a semi-experienced drone pilot that made a mistake. I do real estate photography part time and sometimes do some aerial shots and video for nicer properties. I was shooting one last week, made the mistake of letting my attention wander a little while flying around a big tree, clipped a...
  5. M

    Gimbal cannot received MC data / Compass disconnected

    HI, I recently replaced the outer shell on me P4 and when i tried to start it after the repair i received a gimbal cannot receive main controller data and compass error. Calibration required. When i try and calibrate the compass nothing happens and in the compass status screen it says compass...
  6. AndrewJ

    Complete rebuild of a drowned phantom 1

    So I recently bought a DJI phantom V1.0 I got it for $100 but they told me it didn't work. So when I got home I tested it out to see what was going on, and the calibration worked! the drone was also receiving data from the transmitter! And it was receiving data from the GPS, so that meant that...