rc and drone link

  1. inesingeniera

    RC Relinking without unbiding to previous Phantom 4 Pro

    Hello everyone, I own a Phantom 4 Pro Plus and I would like to link the dorne with a used RC from a phantom 4 pro that has not been unbined to a Phantom 4 Pro. Does anyone know if that is possible? I'm thinking of buying a used RC and I would like to know if that wouldbe a waste of money. Thanks!
  2. M

    alternative way to link the rc

    HI! Recently i posted on this blog that the linking button fell of my aircraft and after some help i welded it again and started working fine. Last week that button fell off again but now i cannot weld it again. Is there any alternative way to link the rc to the aircraft? Thanks Mauro
  3. K

    Understanding the 5.8 GHz RC communication on PV2+

    Hey guys, I hope you guys can help me. I am currently working on a little project at home to help extend the range of my PV2+ but I really don't understand how the drone uses the 5.8 GHz RC control to do it and how it processes the signal and tells the drone to move around. I've done a little...
  4. P

    Aircraft Disconnected, Aircraft Battery temp n/a, gimbal disconnected

    My phantom 3 standard started acting up. I recently replaced the ribbon when all of this started happening. On the DJI Go app it says that the aircraft is disconnected. Also when I go into the status it says that the aircraft battery is N/A. And that the gimbal is disconnected. I went through...
  5. T

    RC Connection Help

    So I have been having this issue from day one of flying my first drone: the P3A. I thought it was just normal but now I see people doing what I can't. When I fly near my house, (I live in a neighborhood with rows of houses) I can fly my P3A around 1,000 ft away from the controller. Then about...
  6. C

    Cannot link RC with Phantom 3 standard - newbie

    Hi All I cannot get the RC and aircraft to link. It got unlinked at some point when I tried linking that RC to second Phantom 2 standard that I bought. Also I did a firmware upgrade on both machines. Now I cannot link either RC to either aircraft. I've read somewhere that the linking issue was...