1. YvesDL

    Shortened propeller. Please advise.

    Calling to experienced pilots or technicians. As a result of a bad crash, my P4A now has a slightly bent arm. Resulting with one of the grey propeller touching slightly the "body" of the P4A. Since that particular blade broke at both ends, the drone would fly, still being responsive and...
  2. J

    Spare parts for DJI Phantom 1

    Hello, I am looking for spare parts for my phantom 1 bought in 2013! What I'm looking for are the non-self-locking propellers that were used on the first version of the Phantom 1. It's unfortunate that DJI does not keep those spare parts of their aircraft available to these customers for a few...
  3. P

    small question

    Hi everyone, today i made the mistake of flying my P4P inside my garage with not a lot of ligth, many of you will know what happened just by saying that but for the ones that don't know, when you fly with low ligth, the sensor facing down on the drone doens't know where the floor is so it drifts...
  4. R

    Aeropoints vs low-cost RTK

    We now are considering purchase of the equipment to install GCPs. We are torn between buying Propeller Aeropoints or Reach RS receivers. I've read a lot about both systems and at the moment I see the only obvious advantage of Aeropoints - it is really easy to use. Overall Reach RS seems to be...
  5. P

    Stealth Drone Propellers

    Hi All - My colleague and I are developing new rotors for drones to significantly quiet the noise coming from the drones we love to fly. He is a nautical engineer who develops propulsion units for high end ships and I am a plastics engineer who knows all sorts of manufacturing techniques for...
  6. S

    One of my propellers won't work anymore and I do not know what to do,

    I bought propeller guards for my drone and unscrew the bottom screws where I'm suppose to put in the guards. I only got to one propeller before taking it off and putting the screws back on and now when I turn on to fly it, the one propeller that I screwed with does not work. I tried tightening...
  7. L

    Gasket between motor and propeller support

    Hi there,your drone, phantom 4 pro, has the gasket placed between the engine and propeller support? In spare parts, the seal is provided, but in my drone I not have! ... And in your own?
  8. Skyer

    Propellers: Life-limited parts?

    Hi there fellow Phantom pilots. In a thread posted by DJI titled "Top Ten Common Mistakes Phantom Pilots Make", they included the following statement: -"We suggest changing propellers every 50 flights, and a set of propellers should not be used for more than 100 flights. If you haven’t used a...
  9. tml4191

    Self-Tightening or Self- Flying Props?

    One prop must have been somewhat loose because it flew up straight into the air and spiralled down into the muddy river. From the moment it launched about 20 feet in the air to the moment it flew slightly out of reach past the fence into the raging river, I was amazed and in wonder about the...
  10. Digdat0

    Xoar Beechwood Propellers Review / Details (Pics, Video's, Logs, Weight)

    Well, hello there. There have been a few threads in the past about the Xoar Beechwood Propellers, but i found most of this information to be incomplete and without any sort of conclusion to help someone identify if they actually wanted to purchase these props, and if there were any benefits. So...
  11. D

    P4 propeller mounting plate broken

    I have had my P4 for around 2 weeks now and just noticed yesterday after a flight that part of the propeller mount has broken off. Has anyone else had this issue and is it mainly down to not being careful enough with mounting the propellers? Also, is it safe to fly until a replacement arrives...
  12. will.moindrot

    Ejecting propeller on P4

    Had some good flights of our Phantom 4 over Easter in Wales. On one occasion I didn't put one of the propellers on properly by accident - I caught it on film below in slo-mo (at about the 3min mark in the vid, sorry can't work out how to get it to skip to the relevant part). It basically...
  13. G

    Strange surface model

    Bizarro Model 1 by Geoffrey Goeggel posted Mar 11, 2016 at 6:58 AM[/GALLERY Very strange model. Map service (Propeller) can't fix it?
  14. P

    Phantom 3 Motor (or prop) not balanced.

    Hey I'm one of those people with the horror story of crashing their Phantom 3 the day after they got it. Well the body was bent a little and one of the CCW motors locked up. I replaced the bad motor and the plastic is back in place. But when I was taking it for a test run I noticed this. When...
  15. Nstrong48

    P3S's prop flies off mid flight

    Anyone ever have this happen to them? My very first flight out of the box, about a minute into it. had it in A-Mode and was headed back to me 6 feet up. Next thing I know it flips and flies straight into the ground for a hard landing(not even a scratch) Second time happened to today. This...