1. ryantrax

    DJI Osmo Action Pricing Released and is Available Now

    The Pricing for the DJI Osmo Action was just what I expected it to be to stay competitive with GoPro. DJI says it will be shipping in 1 Business Day. I've got one ordered I'll report back with Pros and Cons when it arrives.
  2. I

    Renting & Using My Personal Drone - For the company I work for

    Hello I'm looking for some advice. I recently obtained my Part 107 Drone Commercial license. I'm going to use it for freelance mainly. But for main full-time job, I'm a videographer for a company. They do not have a drone I'm going to use my Phantom 4 Pro drone until the company...
  3. Rado

    Pricing for 3-4 Month Construction Project?

    Hey all! I have been granted the opportunity to create a proposal for a 3-4 month commercial construction project (restaurant/ bar/ event center) where the client would like a timelapse of the construction, normal stills, and video at certain points in the project. A little background, I'm part...
  4. F

    Do you want to have some fun with your 107?

    Craft shows, are unique, in that they provide photographers (and a multitude of others) a way to sell their creations, without the hassles of running a business. You can do one or two a year, or you can do one every weekend. You can go to the local high school, or enter juried shows on a...
  5. FlashBuddy

    One More Reason to Charge and Arm and a Leg

    I've been flying the P4 upon its first availability, then moved to the P4P when it arrived. Had my first crash; bent shell top and bottom, broken gimbal mount, broken battery, all four props gone. I'm not complaining as I feel it is bound to happen sooner or later. I was flying a job - video...
  6. Joe Glenn

    What do I charge???

    I just got my Part 107 yesterday. I have no idea what to charge for various services. I would greatly appreciate if somone could give me a Range. I know it depends on Alot of factors, but do you charge by the miniute? and if so what do you charge for : 1. Real Estate 2. Construction Survey 3...
  7. Skyler King III

    Disabled War Vet in CT looking for tips to get started in Aerial Drone Photography

    I have a Phantom 4. I am a fixed wing pilot and photography was always a hobby of mine. Looking for someone to give me suggestions to get started: marketing, pricing, etc. I am in Danbury Connecticut.
  8. lumbra9foto

    Pricing P3P video for a (potential) client

    ok guys so an architecture group is doing a new corporative building and I'm planning to show up tomorrow and (try to) sell them a package with video and maybe photo with the P3P. Being thinking a video of 2 to 3 minutes and 10 edited photos for 275 dls but they have a communications and media...