1. CaptainDrone798

    New Phantom Pro/Adv Controller Issue... Dead USB port?

    I received a replacement Phantom 3 Pro from DJI and they included a controller either on purpose or by error. The controller has the good old problem of not being able to send or accept data via the USB port. What this means is that the DJI GO App can't speak to the controller, so any settings...
  2. H

    Remount CanBus Port

    Hi, I have the Phantom 2 with the GoPro attached and the CanBus port on the drone shows up in the footage when I spin the drone too fast to the right, since the port is attached to the front left leg of the landing gear. Is it possible to remount the port to the back leg of the landing gear...
  3. Dan Redding

    Sunrise Over Shoreham Port

    Hi Guys Myself and a friend (who is the pilot and owner) have worked together on one project before and decided to get together and do this as a showcase of what we can do together.. And to learn how to use the duel controls together.. Feedback appreciated. (More info on Vimeo description)...