1. T

    show: first try with making a map - P4P Pro v2.0 - 245 images, 56 acres, 360 ft high

    I posted this already to the general forum but I should have posted it here, sorry. show: first try with making a map - P4P Pro v2.0 - 245 images, 56 acres, 360 ft high
  2. C

    Mapping missions referenced above elevation data - AED

    Hi all, I use fixed-wing UAS that uses a very good flight planning software but only works for that specific aircraft brand and model. Most importantly, it enables me to fly "AED", above elevation data. For this to work KMLs are uploaded to the software and the flight plan for each quadrant can...
  3. A

    Manatees research project using a Phantom 4

    Hello there, I am writing today because I have so many questions about drone accessories, photogrammetry and orthorectification. First of all, I have never flight a drone, but I have taken GIS and some basic clases of remote sensing, where they taught me it is necessary to have al least 4...
  4. P

    eBee RTK for sale with Spectra Base station

    Hi, we are selling a used eBee RTK with optional base station as our project has been finalized. Please contact if interested. For eBee RTK: eBee RTK with high resolution RGB camera (18MP) Perpetual license of Pix4D Desktop up to version 3.2.10 (Current Retail Price = $6,500 USD) eMotion 2...
  5. inesingeniera

    Flight Planner for Pro Plus + Photogrammetry

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know those of you who own a Phantom 4 Pro Plus (the drone with the controller with the screen), which flight planner do you use. I tried Pix4D and UgCS but none of those can be installed. I'll use them to plan a series of photogrammetric surveys. Thank you very much, Ines
  6. W

    Mapping software

    I just bought a P4P+, the model with the DJI screen. I want to use it for photogrammetric mapping and have noted several apps that appear to do what I want: DJI GS Pro, Litchi, etc. The problem is is that they seem to be IPad or Android based. Is there any software that I can download directly...
  7. N

    Suggestions for Photogrammetry Capture App (certain reqs)?

    Howdy, I've been struggling to find a capture app that fits my needs for photogrammetry. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Features I need include: * Distance from ground setting in mission planner (ie. takes topography of uneven terrain into account) * Mission planner that allows...
  8. L

    Juneau & Interior Alaska - drone photography

    It's a pleasure and honor to photograph this amazing state.
  9. Z

    Resolution of phantom 3 at 300' AGL?

    At what resolution ( in terms of cm per pixel) Phantom 3 Professional or Advanced flying at 300' AGL can capture aerial photography ? The speed should be as fast as possible to get best resolution for large area real estate photography. I would like 15 miles per hour. Is this speed possible for...
  10. Z

    Speed and altitude question to scan large area for land survey

    I am going to buy Phantom 3 for survey of semi-residential area but I have some questions: My objective is aerial photography to capture very large area for showing as high resolution map image layer showing much more details than satellite image in mapping application. I want to fly the...
  11. Alex Assenmacher

    Drones for photogrammetry, thermography, surveying...

    Hi friends! As I've been doing mostly "cinematic" videos (or at least tried ), I was lately wondering all the different things you can do with drones. So I called a friend who works with drones mostly for governments and asked him to tell me what he does and to explain a bit of how he does it...
  12. thehightechhobbyist

    Used Altizure to Create a 3D Model of My House

    Using the app Altizure and my Phantom 3, I was able to create a 3D model of a few houses in the neighborhood. I got some pretty awesome results.
  13. R

    Free photogrammetry/grid pattern generator software for P2V+

    Hello guys. The spring is here, so i need a new free app (not PIX4D) to make more orthomosaic images. Last year, i have bought a used phantom 2 vision plus for $400, and i don't want to upgrade to a phantom 3 for $1500. Until September, DroneDeploy was the perfect free app to make orthomosaic...
  14. Malakai

    Sketchfab, sharing 3D models and photogrammetry

    Hey guys n gals, shameless plug here, i need five people to sign up for a free sketchfab account via my link (Signup for a free account on Sketchfab) to help me out and get a pro account. As well as helping me out it also means you guys can share and photogrammetry models you have made on there...
  15. G

    Photogrammetry with phantom 3 pro

    hello!! i am a drone pilot from brazil I bought a phantom 3 Pro for photogrammetry aerial but have not yet found a good app for that I wonder what app you guys use to photogrammetry ? which indicate : litchi , ultimate flight ; pix4dcaputre ? They have photo capture mode with second intervals ?