photo and video

  1. Zorro

    Compiliation of 2016 in Norway - what do you think?

    Shots from January till Desember in 2016. Filmed with with P3 Pro. Would love some input on what you think i could improve on, or things you like to focus on when you film.
  2. Zorro

    New video and in search of new ideas.

    I've just finished my new video with shots from Norway with my P4P. :) I was lucky and had beautiful weather and nice scenery, and im quite happy with both the editing and the footage. Probably my best work so far. :) Please let me know what you think. But to build from here, to make drone...
  3. Sky Raider

    Autumn's Last Hurrah

  4. A

    Cannot take pictures & video

    I have read many threads regarding this issue but nothing seems to have worked. Mid flight my P3P decided to stop taking pictures. Anytime I hit the shutter button on the remote or on my phone the screen goes black and takes about 5 seconds to come back on. The picture does not get saved to the...
  5. tominwa

    Camera quality phantom 4 excellent

    Well, as an almost newby.....few dozen flights now, I have to admit I am scratching my head over the negative comments regarding the photo quality of the new Phantom 4. Perhaps I suffer from low expectations, but it looks pretty darn good to me. Considering there is only a 12 mega pixel...
  6. V

    What's the best way to download images and video from my Phantom 4? Also - what's best for editing?

    Hello. I've taken some photos and videos with my Phantom 4, but would like to know what is the best way to download the images/videos to my desktop computer and hard drive? Directly connect the drone to a USB port, or remove the micro SD card and insert directly to my computer? What is the...
  7. Jaime Ray Vaughn

    Photo and Video

    Hello; I have two questions: 1. With the P3P, am I able to have the video recording and snap a photo here and there at the same time? On the remote display it seems I have to select one or the other. 2. With the $100 discount I saw on the P3 Standard this morning, Im wondering what is...