phantom3 standard

  1. H

    Can't link RC with controllet

    Hi, I reset my controller frequency by switching the s2 button back and forth. Now I cannot get my rc(P3 model: w321) to pair with my remote. In trying to push the linking button, I believe it broke and became jammed under the housing. (Picture attached) It seems to me this was more of an led...
  2. smackc4

    Today's DJIGO app certainly LIMITED my range!!

    As expected; Today's DJIGO app certainly LIMITED my range!! What a load of rubbish :mad::(
  3. R

    phantom 3 standard

    How many milliwatts of power does a phantom 3 standard put out since range is so short and what is the max power in milliwatts for drones.
  4. L

    Mapp not working

    Hi has any one got a fix for map not working on android dji go app got latest firmware home point saves but no image for map
  5. C

    Small crash what to check?

    Had a small crash with my Standard today. My own fault caught the back of a goal post with a prop and flipped upside down into long grass. No visible damage. After recalibration everything seems fine no errors etc. Consider myself very lucky. Any ideas on any other diags to run, logs to check...
  6. G

    Signal Issue with possible Bad FW Download

    Note* I've had my drone since September and have not been able to fly further than 2500 ft or so. This distance has now been reduced to approx 900-1500ft since the new update. So I think that when I was downloading the new FW via the GO app there may have been an issue (roughly mid to end...
  7. archetipo

    Discover Sardinia Island (Italy) Paradise Beach Amazing Sea

    "Best of" playlist in youtube channel of Sardinia island (Italy).Amazing transparent crystal sea.Phantom3 standard, edited in premiere and upscaled to 4K. Youtube Playlist with over 50 videos:
  8. D

    Lines? in P3S pictures

    Just have a look at the photo and you can see these lines(I guess you would call them) in my night pics. Also why do phantom 3 standards night pics turn out fuzzy, my friend has the p3p and they don't turn out fuzzy. Lines are in the sky and kinda at the bottom right where ever it is darker you...
  9. A

    Can't decide!

    I crashed my phantom 3 standard drone and sent it to be inspected/quoted. Gimbal was beyond repair and main board has transmitter damage preventing it from connecting to the DJI pilot app. All in all I'm better off buying a new drone. The inspection place charges a shipping fee to recover my...
  10. E

    can't update phantom3sta

    Hi guys ! I pulled back out of my phantom, after five months, I wanted to do the upgrade, I downloaded it, and when I do go I always stuck at 40% ... you have any indication ?? it's possible than i can't update, 'cause i didnt' have make so upgrade in the last month ? thank you so much