phantom 5

  1. John Gowland

    What are you going to sell now that the new DJI Mavic 3 / Phantom 5 is coming?

    What are you going to sell now that the new DJI Mavic 3 / Phantom 5 is coming? A long time ago I predicted the imminent next generation following the P4P 2.0 The Inspire 3 price will be beyond most of us. Anyway, for hobbyists it will be way too big to carry around. Even commercial pilots I...
  2. Green Phantom

    DJI PHANTOM 5 - Why This Drone Will Never Happen

  3. tml4191

    Phantom 4 Pro 2.0 test and review video!

    DJI's newest quadcopter is officially here: New DJI Phantom 4 Pro 2.0 hands-on review!
  4. N

    Phantom 5 DJI Store Secret Picture Teaser ?

    So I was wondering if anyone else has noticed the quick video of a dark colored Phantom shaped quadcopter when you click on the IOS DJI store App. It is the very first thing that comes up when the Store App opens and it may be a teaser picture of the Phantom 5. Just curious what others thoughts...
  5. M

    Price drop on p4 pro/advanced..?

    I just wanted to get people's thoughts on pricing. I've seen rumors that a possible Phantom 5 may be coming. Do you think there would be any price drop at all for a Phantom 4 Pro/Advanced (I want the advanced) once a 5 comes out? -Michael
  6. thatsanicepicture

    Is the Phantom dead?

    I have a P4P+ and love it. But maybe the "Phantom" form factor is done, cooked, old fashion and otherwise yesterday's news. It's body style function was to "Fit it all in" ... Has technology made that requirement as out of place as film cameras. Yes I know people still use film cameras. We...

    Got hold of a Phantom 5 launch video in 2017. You will want to see this!

    In March 2017 I added a video to my youtube channel and after a day thought its fake! But OMG. it is not im sure. It was a supposed pre-preduction concept for a chinese media company. The fact is that the videos are so similar for the launch of the mavic AIR. from dji and the video I showed is...
  8. J

    Must be Phantom 5 soon to be released, big price drop on P4

    I see that the price for the P4 has dropped which to me indicates DJI is about to release the P5. As of today you can buy a P4 (not refurb) from DJI through Newegg for 749 with a bonus 75$ Newegg credit which after 30 days you could put to another purchase including a battery from DJI. So...
  9. rene van der meer

    DJI Press conference IFA 2017

    Tomorrow, Aug 31st, DJI will hold a press conference at IFA 2017. Rumors are that they will announce a new Mavic or the long awaited P5. I really love my P4 and would love an improved version, but not necessary smaller. Better sensors, an improved camera with a 360 gimbal,...
  10. B

    Big Announcement from DJI in May

    DJI has just announced the release of something big May 24th. While it is not stated what that release is, many believe it is Spark. However, it is not certain that this is Spark and could be something else. What if its the Phantom 5?
  11. N

    When is Phantom 5 release?

    I bought a P4 last May and use it for photography. I was tempted to go for a P4P when it was announced, because of the much improved camera. But I know as soon as I buy a P4P the P5 will come out with even better camera and other whizz-bang features. Seems like DJI has released the next...