phantom 4 pro+

  1. M

    Phantom 4 Pro+ hardly used FS

    Originally planned to use this for taking video of properties and monitoring our farm. However, ive put maybe an hour of flight time on it in a year and it deserves a better home. In basically new condition, never crashed, comes with the following. Original carrying case the Manfrotto backpack...
  2. A

    SOLD Phantom 4 Pro+ 3x batteries, filter set, ThinkTank Bag & accessories in LA $1100

    FAA licensed commercial pilot here with a Phantom 4 Pro+ thats never been crashed or hard landed, (always hand caught) just been sitting around for far too long. Selling because the I2 and M600 have been getting all of the flight time lately. INCLUDES: -Phantom 4 Pro+ drone and controller with...
  3. H

    Phantom4pro+ DJIgo app sign-in stuck... says "no internet connection"

    I am just getting used to the pro+ monitor and DJI Go app. Just to point out this is the built-in monitor on the controller. I accidentally signed out of the DJI Go app so I tried to sign back in. Everytime I enter the email and password I get the prompt "no internet connection, check...
  4. Nowelly

    Actual micro sd cards tested by DJI to work with Phantom 4 Pro

    I thought this info would be useful to share considering DJI info on their site is poor (and given I have bought 3 cards the aircraft rejected!) Dear Craig, Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, we do not have any information if the LED , motors and landing gear. For the SD card...
  5. tml4191

    Headplay HD MSRP $250-300+ HDMI Input Like Brand New Phantom 4 Pro FPV