phantom 3 advanced droped from sky!!!

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    Phantom 3 advanced crash (Probably Compass issue)

    My DJI Phantom 3 Advanced just recently crashed and here is the video of the crash. I think it was a compress error but I am not sure. I had calibrated the compass at the beginning of the flight and there were no compass errors that I saw during the flight. Even when it was plummeting towards...
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    Motor obstruction while hovering ? then!

    hello all I am new here, but someone might have had the same issue, was hovering over the job site today taking pictures of the landfill and all of a sudden the quad goes into spastic mode and says "motor obstruction" but it is still hovering, then it drops one motor pitches side ways says...
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    Phantom 3 Advanced CSC control warning???!!!

    Im certainly a newbie to quads but have been flying RC for 25 years. Nowhere do I see a big red warning lable on what not to do with the Phantoms. I was aware of how it would shut off with the left control down but didn't know it would shut off in flight while crossing controls down. I only now...