phantom 2 vision+

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    advice on apps

    I crashed my Phantom 2 Vision+ about a year ago, after about a month of flight-training. I had never downloaded any apps nor used the smartphone for flying/FPV, etc., because there were so many negative reviews of the app, and I was awaiting a consensus opinion on what to do. Since then, I've...
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    So I crashed my P2v+ but found it. I had to replace the wifi module, solder a couple connections, replaced the flex cable on the camera, still have a bent gimbal (not sure if it needs replacing). I have put everything back together. Now I can't get the remote to connect to the quad. The gimbal...
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    Phantom 2 Vision Plus spare parts.

    Time to move out some of my spare Phantom 2 Vision Plus parts. I will pick up the PayPal and shipping fees to the lower 48 states . ALL PART’s ARE NEW AND NEVER INSTALLED 1) Phantom 2 Vision+ Wifi Range Extender RE700 $50.00 2) Phantom 2 Vision+ esc V2.0 Part # 7 $10.00 3) Phantom 2 Vision...