phanto 2

  1. M

    (ASIS) Lot of DJI DRONES AND PARTS forsale

    Hello ive aquired this lot of DJI PHANTOM DRONES AND PARTS THE DRONES ARE INTACT BUT NEED WORK AS FAR AS I CAN TELL i do not know much about replace parts or fixing these there is one that is totally put together with battery and turns on but i could not pair remote there is tons of parts and 7...
  2. J

    iOSD mini as drop in replacement

    I am hoping to solicit some information from this group regarding a drop in minimally invasive replacement for the DJI Phantom Vision 2+ and a failed wifi module. While I can still receive telemetry & take photos/video using the phone app I can no longer receive FPV which makes it difficult to...
  3. L

    2nd flight with GoPro Hero 4 Black

    Just getting started with this. Hopefully hope to have some much better videos in the future. GoPro Hero 4 Black on Phantom 2.
  4. Mr BoLB

    Compatability P2+Gimbal H4-3D+Gopro4

    Hey guys My battery for my Black Pearl screen has died and I'm thinking to use my iphone 5s for video transmission from my gopro 4. Equipment: P2 gimbal H4-3D transmitter 5.8 ghz gopro 4 black iphone 5S Previously I had no issues with the transmission of video to my Black Pearl in real time...