phamtom 3

  1. L

    Battery not charging

    i know its kinda old now but i bought a original DJI Phantom 3 Standard new in its package but it does not take any charge , ive left it charging all morning serveral times and nothing when clicked 1 time it flashes green 3 to 4 times and suddenly turns off , when 1 click and then hold just...
  2. R


    Hi, I am selling a full working Phantom 3 camera. It has been taken off from a gimbal. Here is the link for the ebay site: here
  3. M

    Litchi App

    I have a DJi Phantom 3 professional. Thinking about trying out the Litchi app for flying. Can anyone recommend this app. Thanks in advance
  4. J

    *Sold* Phantom 3 Standard

    Gimbal is dead but the camera worked. I tried to replace the ribbon cable and I can’t get the camera to connect now. Going to cut my loses. Drone itself flys great. Control is like new. One battery and charger. I live in Indianapolis, IN. $200 OBO Will post pictures later today.
  5. S

    Lost phantom 3 standard in north brunswick NJ

    Hi, I lost my drone in north brunswick NJ by comunity park on ft 130. I suspect it would have landed in woods or by renisense/ shoprite area. Please contact me if anyone found it.
  6. Donatas

    DJI Phantom 3 professional Beautiful fishing videos Iceland

  7. P

    Phantom 3 Pro, ESC part 96? with Older 2312 Motors

    Hi (from Sweden, so please excuse all my spelling misstakes) I have a Phantom 3 Pro with a damage mainboard. Everything works exept that tiny tiny tiny problem, that it wont lift off. It´s showing this ESC failure message, so i must come to the conclusion that it´s broken.:( The drone has never...
  8. Donatas

    DJI Phantom 3 professional 4K.Fly a Drone Ship Smyril Line Cargo.

  9. P

    Crashed my P3 Advanced and need help

    Crashed my P3 Advanced and have to fix it my self. Following are the damages. Sensor box is detached Gimbal rubber stabilizers seems a bit off Onefromt motor seems to have sand in it. I want advises from you people on the next steps I can take. Any comment is much appreciated.
  10. A

    Magic Trick software and Phantom 3

    Hi everyone, I am a new phantom 3 pilot and I love flying it. I am looking to get more FPV range without modifying the controller in order to not void my warranty. I came across a software named magic trick that strengths the wifi signal for FPV. Have any of you used it and what are the...