1. D

    Updates to PfCO renewal - Question UK.

    I got my PfCO last February and sadly have not done a single official flight because of the lockdown and have in fact branched out away from using the drone commercially. So now I'm about to renew it and looking to get airborne this year but on renewing, I notice that there are some changes that...
  2. Sykhawk

    PfCO with Heliguy - Update

    Further to my message on 11 Feb here, I completed my 3 day theory course and exam yesterday. I have to say it was a great experience. The course was pretty intensive covering a lot of technical and theoretical issues in air law, airspace operating principles, airmanship, meteorology, navigation...
  3. Sykhawk

    PfCO in UK

    OK, so I'm going to start selling my services as an Aerial Photographer in the UK. For this I realise I need a PfCO from The CAA. Looking at a large number of companies in the UK offering this, it would seem they have this sewn up between in some sort of unofficial cartel. Their prices are all...
  4. D

    UK PfCO needed for aerial photos for a book?

    A colleague and I have an idea to produce an information book which will also have a number of aerial photographs in it. I will be taking the shots with my drone and I assume, if I receive any profits from the book, I will need PfCO certification and commercial operating insurance. This seems an...
  5. P

    Employer PfCO and Sole PfCO

    Hi My employer is wanting to obtain a PfCO with myself as the sole pilot. If in the future I were to want to take on work privately with my own equipment would I be able to obtain a PfCO trading as self employed? Effectively I would be listed on two PfCO. Thank you
  6. P

    Requirements to become a CAA PfCO Trainer

    Hi I have been flying for just over a year as a hobby and I am thinking of moving forward and getting qualified here in the UK. I have looked into the requirements to obtain PfCO from the CAA, but I was wondering once I have received my qualification does this entitle me to act as a trainer to...