1. B

    Filming in Mauritius

    I recently filmed with my P4P+ in Mauritius, below is some useful info for people looking to do the same: - The people generally very easy going about drones (true during February 2017). - There is a Class C airspace around the airport which has been proposed to expand to 25NM, this is not in...
  2. B

    French Alp Drone Filming

    I recently looked into attaining permission to film with my P4P+ around Tignes and Val d'isere. After multiple phone calls and emails I eventually received this: Hi We thank you for your mail and for your interest in our professional association. Audiovisual production, by RPAS, is possible...
  3. Michael Thompson

    When calling the ATC for permission to fly...

    I don't really want to sound like a total kook calling in the first time. Can anyone give an example of how the call would go and how I can give them the info they want as efficiently and clearly as possible? Say I wanted to fly in Class C airspace for 20 min. Many thanks.