parts for sale

  1. DaShu

    P4P Part/Repair Help Needed

    Hey All, Crashed my P4P, think it was attacked by a bird while doing a range extender flight test. It fell from roughly 250 feet, broke 2 of the 4 propeller blades, 1 side of the landing gear clean off the other hanging by wires, bent the gimbal arm and the battery popped apart. After installing...
  2. R


    Hi, I am selling a full working Phantom 3 camera. It has been taken off from a gimbal. Here is the link for the ebay site: here
  3. Kman

    PolarPro Phantom 4 Pro parts for sale!

    Hey all, cleaned my room and found some parts that I figure I would sell. Everything is brand new, never opened, seal still intact, except for the lens cover (used it once or twice). Still looks new. I will ship within the USA only. All prices are USD or best offer. I will include FedEx Express...
  4. M

    (ASIS) Lot of DJI DRONES AND PARTS forsale

    Hello ive aquired this lot of DJI PHANTOM DRONES AND PARTS THE DRONES ARE INTACT BUT NEED WORK AS FAR AS I CAN TELL i do not know much about replace parts or fixing these there is one that is totally put together with battery and turns on but i could not pair remote there is tons of parts and 7...
  5. G

    SOLD - Selling Crashed DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. For parts/repair.

    Selling Crashed DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. (This is for parts only. Craft does not fly.) Includes craft and remote controller. No battery included. The craft fell due to a failed battery. Camera is smashed, motors and remote should work. Sold as is for parts. Best offer over $115 USD. Includes...
  6. I

    P4P Part's for sale

    Hi Guys, I'm currently selling the following P4P OEM parts from my drone with less then 25 flights (You can read my story below on how it happened and why). See all the listings here: gran_isai on eBay Happy to answer any questions or provide more detail about the parts. So here's my story...
  7. T

    LED Covers for Phantom 3 Standard

    One of my LED covers popped out after a small collision. I've tried finding new ones but it seems you have to buy a whole new shell. Does anyone have any spares for sale?
  8. D

    F/S - DJI Phantom 3 ADV / GL300C Remote Control - parting out

    I have a P3A that was crashed less than 2 months old. One of the propellers came off in flight and down she went. .. SOLD Remoter Control Transmitter GL300C (Newest Model). Can also be used with the Phantom 4. $150 obo SOLD .. SOLD Camera & Gimbal. The Yaw arm & Ribbon cable have been...
  9. M

    Phantom 3 Parts - including those not available New from DJI

    Phantom 3 Parts - Not available New from DJI. Phantom 3 Parts - Not available New from DJI | Miscellaneous Goods | Gumtree Australia Adelaide Hills - Bridgewater | 1113071271 DJI have decided not to provide full parts support for the Phantom 3 Standard, as a result, the only way to get some of...
  10. S

    Phantom 4 LED light covers and spare parts

    Hey everyone, new to the drone world and forum posting world. I'm missing a LED light cover for my Phantom 4 and wondering where on earth to find replacements? (or do phantom 3 covers match up?). Also looking to keep a few other spare parts on hand for the anticipation of something going wrong...
  11. PilotHal

    For Sale: Phantom 3 Pro 4K - For Parts $50

    For Sale Phantom 3 Professional 4K - For Parts Only One day, this Phantom3 Pro stopped relaying telemetry to my iPad. So, I decided to update the firmware and it was repeatedly failing. Could not get it updated to save my life. So I reached out to Atlanta Hobby down in GA and paid them to...
  12. hblink93

    P2V+ parts for sale

    Crashed my P2V+ in the wet mud. All internal aircraft electronics, camera, and gimbal are trashed (water intrusion and corrosion.) Please contact [email protected] with inquiries and offers. Here's what is intact and of "saleable" quality: 1. Aircraft shell, top and bottom, landing struts...