1. Florida Drone Supply

    Intentional Parachute Deployment - Monday - Fort Myers

    We had been posting in a few of the parachute related threads about intentionally deploying a Phantom parachute last week but the weather was not great and we had to postpone. We are now confirmed for this to happen on Monday (February 4th) in Fort Myers. We will install the parachute, send up...
  2. tml4191

    Mars Drone Parachute

    MARS Drone Parachute System: Protect Your Drone! - WeTalkUAV
  3. frehr

    Mars Lite parachute on Phantom 3

    Hi all I want to add a MARS P3 lite to my Phantom 3. I THINK it can be used without their Mayday-addon. I hope so, because I am a little worried about random triggering. I have seen the videos on youtube and that it is connected inside the craft to F2. But how is it triggered then? A button...
  4. Skyler King III

    Latest on Parachute Recovery for Phantom 4 ?? Anyone ?

    Has there been any recent comments on best parachute recovery system for Phantom 4 that doesn't require any permanent mods to case etc? Also interested on how it effects flight qualities (obviously when it's NOT deployed).
  5. pete76uk

    Parachute Failure from Cell Tower?

    I'm wondering if the parachute system I installed self deployed because of cell towers . The parachute is only supposed to deploy when the phantom flips to 80 degrees but I watched it open as I was hovering, panicking I tried to slowly lower it but that seemed to make the parachute shoot up and...
  6. S

    Parachute for Phantom 3

    Hi there, I have been wondering if anyone out there has put a parachute system on their Quad. From reading the forums alone, about random crashes, it could be a no-brainer to protect your investment. Granted weight is a factor. But still worth a bit of investigation perhaps. Found this on the...
  7. Freddie mckenzie

    Phantom 3 Parachutes

    Hi all, I was just wondering if you guys think that the MARS mini is worth installing incase of emergency motor failure or other situations on the phantom 3 Advanced. Heres a link to what I'm looking at: Mars MINI | Mars Parachutes please let me know your thoughts, or alternatives to this...