1. kuyakano

    Goodbye DJI Forum... HELLO Phantom Pilots

    After having one of the DJI Forum Administrators permanently banning me for using the word "Nazi" (even though he ruled the forum like a nazi), we moved our Veterans' Phantom group to Phantom Pilots. And for what I see, it looks like we made the right choice. I myself am a Disabled Veteran...
  2. tml4191

    Coron, Palawan, Philippines Drone Warning

    Coron, Palawan is a beautiful island in the Philippines; it's also a great place to take your drone for some tropical aerial footage. If you go near the Twin Lagoons, be careful of those high limestone formations. My p4p's obstacle avoidance was turned off to maximize the battery life, and I...
  3. E

    My first video trial

    Hi everybody, I would like to share my drone selfie video compilation with you. Let me know your thoughts to fix myself, thanks...