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    Phantom 3 Standard Connection Troubleshooting

    Hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm now. I recently got a phantom 3 standard without gimbal or controller that hasn't been activated yet. I picked up a used gimbal and a used controller and I'm having trouble connecting to the drone. I got my phone to connect to the controller...
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    Linking my remote to a new drone

    After a tragic incident last year I lost contact with my Phantom 3 4k when I was flying it over water and it sunk to the bottom of the sea. I was thinking of buying another one, but I still have the remote and extra blades. Therefore I want to buy only the aircraft. Before I buy it, I just want...
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    Have to relink drone/controller after switching off devices

    Hi. I've looked everywhere on the forum but couldn't find anything on this.. I've just got myself a pre owned PS3 in great condition. The only problem I'm having is that each time I switch the remote or drone off and then on I lose the connection and have to relink (controller and drone). I...
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    Pairing remote with Phantom advanced

    I recently sent my Phantom for repair but since getting it back I can no longer get it to connect to the remote. I have tried pairing process although the tutorials online don't account for the software upgrades so I can't be certain I'm doing it right. Any help appreciated.