p4p plus

  1. Lark

    P4 Pro Plus and Litchi??

    Greetings everyone, bear with me, I’m a newbie to this form of flying and there could be an easy way to get around my problem but as yet I don’t know what that is which is why I’m here. My understanding is the litchi app can only be downloaded to an ipad or iphone. I have in fact downloaded...
  2. RustyInBend

    Odd upgrade behavior ... Am I alone?

    I'll be as brief as possible. I have a new P4P+ and it said I needed to upgrade, which I did. Promptly after that, it said I needed to upgrade again, and again. I dutifully followed, and on about the 3rd or 4th attempt, something odd happened ... my camera went dark. Everything else worked...
  3. R

    DJI GO 4 App Version on P4P+

    So my P4P+ remote controller firmware is but the DJI GO 4 App version that the system is running is only 4.0.0. The latest available according to DJI's website is 4.0.1 Is there a way that I update the App separately to the controller or should the firmware updates take care of App...
  4. S

    P4Pro Plus crash in Waypoint mode

    Hi everyone, I just registered on the forum to discuss my first impressions of flights with the Phantom 4 Pro + of which I am the happy poccesseur for 3 weeks, finally happy until I use the mode "Waypoint"! For the first time I wanted to use the mode on 4 points, the drone followed well and...
  5. Skyler King III

    Efficient "power setting" for best battery performance?

    Hi. Does anyone have any idea what velocity gives the most battery efficient performance? I'm talking straight and level, discounting aggressive climbs and descents and turns. Happy Holidays
  6. Techcop50

    Satellite map images not loading on P4P Plus

    Anyone else experiencing this problem? If I boot the Plus controller up by itself (no UAV online), it shows great maps for China. But if I start the aircraft and get a GPS lock, it bounces over to my location with just very basic maps, and the satellite images don't zoom in at all, just gives...