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  1. R

    Mapping Problem with P4 Pro- Compass and GPS?

    I have a Phantom P4 Pr (V1). I use drone deploy a lot. Flying Mapping missions, , I saw a "Compass Error" on the drone deploy screen. In Dji Go - prior to the mission I checked the compass and it reported Ok. I went into the compass setting and rechecks- (OK ) and performed a an IMU...
  2. brucechristy

    Duplicate same Point of Interest Flight Again and Again?

    Hi, I'd like to shoot a construction site over a years time (maybe once a week). How would I set my P4 Pro to fly and record the same point of interest flight each time? Can I duplicate a POI flight? Do I have to instead use the Waypoint mode... but if so, how do I get the same effect of the...
  3. R

    Mavic Pro - P4 - P4 Pro : Can't Decide?

    Hey everyone. Been researching and watching youtube videos for weeks now, but I'm struggling to land on which drone would best suit me, the Mavic Pro, P4, or P4 Pro. So I was hoping I could hear from a few of you and get your input on your experiences, pros cons, etc. on each. I'll be using...
  4. Envirodiver

    firmware update @ 99%

    Running the latest firmware update and it has been at 99% for :45 minutes. What's up with that, any ideas
  5. Nowelly

    Most absolutely stable tablet to use with DJI Phantom 4 Pro?

    Dear all, I am becoming exceptionally tired at having Communist car style reliability with tablets, DJI Go 4 app reliability, etc.. Every 5 minutes almost I am getting grey screen right in the middle of a flight, sometimes at critical times, and an "Aircraft Disconnected". It is incredibly...
  6. P

    Cannot power down P4 remote

    Hi There Has anyone seen a P4 Pro remote freeze up and not actually power down? I know the drill for switching off the remote, have done it many times, but now it is stuck on, is beeping and has a solid red light on. I thought it would power down from inactivity over night but just up and its...
  7. L

    Battery p4pro cycles

    Hi, how many cycles with your phantom 4 pro battery 5860mAh? Now with 3 battery, I had work with 83 cycles ich
  8. Zorro

    Get Out Watch the Sunsets

    This film it has a timelapse, some sunsets, a moon and a boat. Its about us rushing through life not taking the time to experience the small things. Like a Sunset. Hope you like it! Please let me know what you think. Filmed with P4 Pro, 4k, No ND filters. D-Cinelike.
  9. I

    Should I replace my p4 pro motors?

    I'm not sure how much flight time I have if anyone knows where i can find out it would help. Anyway I was wondering if the p4 pro's motors ever have to be replaced after a certain flight time, and if so how much time?
  10. nole1988

    Video turns off after 2 seconds

    I recently bought the Phantom 4 Pro. I have about 4 hours of flight time recorded so I am still a learning the device. I have flew 3 hours with great long videos. I am diligent about removing the videos from the SD card after each flight so the next flight has a clean and clear SD card. After...
  11. Kara Murphy

    Not sure what my P4 Pro gimbal was doing here....

    ...but I'm digging the results.
  12. A

    Using Phantom 4 Pro for Inspections and commercial jobs

    Hi Everyone, I'm starting a drone service business and looking to buy a P4 Pro. I'll be mainly doing inspection on roofs, cell towers, pipelines and possibly power lines. But will be starting off slow to gain experience and momentum. Would the P4 Pro suffice for these applications and do a...
  13. A

    Lost my P4. Replace with another P4 or P4 Pro?

    I got a P4 standard over the holidays and loved it. Never thought I would enjoy it so much. On my 10th flight I got complacent and did something real stupid and lost it in the canal. I was flying low to film this old church and rather than watch the drone with my eyes I was watching it through...
  14. Nowelly

    Phantom 4 Pro video not recording for longer than 3 seconds

    Dear fellow P4 pro/+ pilots... Is anyone having problems getting any video footage recorded? I get my drone in the air, hit record, little to nothing happens then after an indicated 3 seconds, stops recording.... Is there a setting/ configuration I am missing, are these drones very particular...
  15. TommyBayshore

    Demo video of the Phantom Pro in 4K 60FPS - Orlando, FL

    https://vimeo.com/tommybayshore/phantom-4-pro-4k60fps or
  16. Arbutus

    Gimbal nodding continuously - help please

    First flight today with a shiny new P4Pro, no problems, shot some footage, landed, changed battery. Now the gimbal pitches from max to min continuously. I cannot seem to find any documentation about this problem on this or other forums. Clearly the camera is useless at the moment ...
  17. M

    Is Litchi App Available for P4 Pro?

    I am a beginner looking to buy a drone. I've heard fantastic things about the Litchi App, most importantly that it is easy to use for beginners. I was ready to buy the P4 Pro then realized that the Lichi App may not be compatible with the P4 Pro. Does anyone know if Litchi is compatible with the...
  18. thedjtec

    DJI November 15th Event Announcement Video

    So DJI just updated their home page to include this announcement video titled "Control/Create" Check it out by clicking here! You can also see it on their homepage: DJI - The Future Of Possible It is November 15th at 11:30AM Pacific Standard Time :) What do you all think it is? My bet is a DJI...