p3s gimbal

  1. V

    Help obtaining P3S gimbal part

    I have a Phantom 3 Standard that I am trying to repair and I have been looking all over the internet for a roll arm with motor attached and the only ones that I can seem to find are shipping direct from China which I am leery of. Does anyone know of a parts supplier that sells P3S OEM parts or...
  2. G

    P3s gimbal tilt

    My gimbal has taken on a permanent tilt it seems. It points upward and to the right. And sometimes will glitch out and point downwards or at an angle as well. I haven't upgraded to any largest firmware and only one crash where the drone thought it was a racing drone and flipped upside down just...
  3. Uhly

    P3S gimbal tilt

    Hi everybody, Working with my new P3S I just got on Friday, chomping at the bit to get it out, too stinkin' windy and rainy in beautiful Southeastern PA today. So I'm reading over the owner's manual, says the gimbal should tilt 30 degrees up off level, mine doesn't tilt up at all off of level...