1. chrislongley

    Any P3 4k Experts? - Tricky Problem

    This afternoon (at 12:54 see log below) when trying to update firmware from P3XW_FW_V01.05.0040.bin to the newer P3XW_FW_V01.06.0050.bin there was a failure about 60% of the way through. DJI Go App suggested after that fail that I try again, but I can't. The aircraft powers up and so does the...
  2. chrislongley

    Am I reading this wrong?

    Was about to do a firmware update on my P3 4k, it's been a while since I used it. I like to use it with Litchi for short missions and for panoramas with Litchi as well. Are they saying they are going to restrict my flights to 50m distance and 30m high if I lose my connection, my phone crashes...
  3. M

    Phantom 3 4K and Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

    Brand new pilot and find my old Samsung Galaxy S5 phone just not up to the task (still works as phone tho). I'm looking at a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 because I can get multiple uses out of it (but really looking for a great tab for flight). I've been searching but cannot find anyone who has tried...
  4. Nestmac

    DJI Assistant does not see P3 4K

    Maybe this is a dumb question but, does anybody knows why DJI Assistant did not recognize a P3 4K? I have one and when connected to the computer DJI Assistant did not sees it, but my P4Adv is a yes.
  5. B

    P3 Firmware P34K. Previous version of firmware before v1.6.50

    Hi! How i can download previous version of firmware before v1.6.50 for P34K? Becouse i can`t find it on original dji website or on any another sources... Please help!
  6. P

    Aircraft Disconnected/Gimbal Disconnected/Battery Temperature N/A

    Hey guys! I just unbox my new drone, flew it once, charged the battery, was going to fly it again but then it said the following "Aircraft disconnected, Gimbal Disconnected, Battery Temperature N/A" I have no idea what's going on. Help? The green dot in the gimbal is on.
  7. thefrisbee995

    There's 4 Phantom 3 Models?! What??

    I just found out there is a "phantom 4k" and it's not the same as the phantom 3 pro... How is it I am only just hearing about this? Did they not sell many or what? As far as I can tell, the standard, advance and pro are the main ones I see being sold all over the place. Never seen a 4k for...
  8. chrislongley

    Phantom 3 4k DBS Itelite Antenna Booster Mod Notes

    Last night I spent three hours carefully upgrading my P3 4k with a DBS and wanted to share a few things which might help owners of the P3 4K. Most of the online videos and instructions deal with modifying other Phantom remote controllers. The controller for the Phantom 3 4k has some unique...
  9. R

    Phantom 3 4k - Another Gimbal Error thread

    Greetings! Long time lurker and newly registered user that has now cast off the mantle of the lurker and comes seeking the wisdom of the PhantomPilots hivemind. So...my P34K had a somewhat hard landing and I managed to break the gimbal..darn...Well, when I say break I don't mean physically...
  10. Scepterr

    WTB Crashed Water Damaged Phantom 3

    Hey guys, post pics and details of your downed drones and what you want for it. The more pictures and information the better. I'm also interested in broken remotes, batteries and chargers. I'm looking for mainly P3A,P,4K but will consider P3S and P4.
  11. O

    P3 4K Range Extention

    i have the Phantom 3 4K and live in the uk so it's stuck to CE mode making my range very poor. I can get around 430m max with some homemade TOMSTECHTIME windsurfers interference free of course. I want to know if there's anyway of increasing the range of my Phantom at all? I don't want to spend...