p3 battery

  1. R

    New Genuine DJI P3 Battery For Sale

    SOLD Title says it all. Located in Vancouver, will ship within North America (sorry not including Hawaii/Alaska/Puerto Rico). $90 US/$120 Cdn (free shipping)
  2. T

    Best way to manage and care for P3 batteries

    Hey Guys, Has anyone heard of the Telesin Discharger for DJI Phantom 3 Battery? I often find myself sometimes going a week or more (unintentionally) without flying and keeping my batter fully charged. My hope is this Discharger works. So far it looks good. Tell me do you agree with this?
  3. flyNfrank

    I want what I want - battery

    I have always wanted to post this. And now even though this has been around for some time, it's still worth checking out. When you think of spending the amount of money we do for P3 batteries, you'd think the batteries would be something a lot more along the lines of what is seen in this video...
  4. B

    P3 4k , P3 Case and batteries

    I am clearing out inventory I have two brand new phantom 3 4k's $580 each, shipped ground in the continental us. I also have 7 brand new p3 batteries: $115 each, shipped ground in the continental us. i also have 6 Microraptor Pro P3 cases... $150 each, shipped ground in the continental us...
  5. O

    Phantom 3 4K (broken Camera and gimbal) x2 Batteries included

    The phantom 3 flies fine and no damage was sustained to the UAS itself. For sale is the phantom 3, two extra batteries, controller, and two 32gb 4k memory cards, also includes broken camera and gimbal, 500$. I will throw in a phantom 1 that needs an engine replaced (four extra engines included)...
  6. R

    Fly in Arizona and Kentucky

    Live in Arizona and Kentucky, depending on the time of year.
  7. ryantrax

    Is My New Battery a Knock Off?

    Hey guys a little help here. I just got a new battery from Amazon a couple weeks ago and hadn't noticed till now that the printing on the battery is different than my original 2. Has anyone received an official DJI battery that looks like this? Battery firmware updated fine and it runs fine with...