p2v+ repair

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    I crashed my P2V and now I'm all messed up... :-(

    Hi Phantom Pilots, I was flying my P2V on Friday the 13th (shame on me) when I crashed.. When I recovered the drone, the camera had become disconnected.. I reconnected the servo cable & the jack on the back of the camera, although it was bent.. Flew the drone again and everything went fine...
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    app shows gimbal pointing straight up when gimbal is stabalized

    their is a problem I am having right now that will show itself on the cell app as an extreme red in either yaw or pitch(mine is pitch and stays at the top even when the camera aligns up) to one side or the other and not being able to be moved via the app, however it will still stabilize straight...
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    Servie for P2V in Rockville, MD

    I bought a P2V+ from DJI new a year ago. It worked fine, then started to act flaky, then lost FPV but the camera still worked, then lost all communications and will not respond. Does anybody in the Rockville, MD area work on these?