1. DronePilotOne


    Anybody use OSMO or OSMO+ for shooting real estate? Care to share your experiences? :sunglasses:
  2. S

    Super simple (and cheap) Osmo Mobile Tripod solution

    Here are step-by-step instructions for a $7 solution for mounting an Osmo Mobile to a tripod
  3. A

    Osmo With Every Accessory Needed to Start Production

    I'm selling my OSMO and my other Phantom equipment in order to fund my divorce. Yep I need the money to go towards the lawyer. I know there are a lot of NEW out there but starting with the orig OSMO you have equipment that can be ugraded or have the option to use your cell phone too. I'm...
  4. Alex Assenmacher

    4K Venice Italy Trip with osmo mobile and drone

    Had a lot of fun in Italy, hope you enjoy watching :)
  5. We Talk UAV

    A Peak Behind the Curtain at CES 2017 with New DJI Products.

    It is 2017 and much like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, an ongoing event occurs every year in Las Vegas, CES 2017. For those who are unfamiliar with this event, CES is a global consumer electronics technology trade show in which a who’s who brings out their newest offerings. DJI is always the big...
  6. jasonjlee

    OSMO Mobile App

    Hey guys! Just curious, but what app do you use for the OSMO besides the DJI Go App. I'm using the Filmic Pro, and so far I'm getting good feedback from it.
  7. Alex Assenmacher

    Valencia, osmo mobile + p3p + gopro 4K

    My latest video shot in Valencia, mixing again footage of my p3p, osmo mobile, and gopro :) hope you like it :)
  8. J

    Great GOPRO adaptor for OSMO

    I found a couple of options for attaching OSMO to GOPRO mounts so I thought I would share. The JOBY action kit is by far the best option. I made a quick video for anyone interested. (Only my second vid, still improving)
  9. B

    Osmo Mobile Review-Cinematic Shot or New Type of Camera?

    I remember when I first tried the Osmo, I thought this is the strangest camera I have ever seen or perhaps one of the most innovative. The quality of photos I had gotten where of an amazing quality. Perhaps the biggest challenge I had was hooking up the Wi Fi from the Osmo to my iPhone 6. Once I...
  10. Alex Assenmacher

    My review of the osmo mobile + cinematic shots

    Dear people, I've made a review of the DJI Osmo Mobile, to mix the footage with my drone footage and make even better videos, I hope you enjoy it! What do you think?
  11. K

    Ultimate Flight now includes per-waypoint speed setting

    The most asked for change is the ability to control the speeds between waypoints and this version now includes the capability. Refer to the documentation for specifics and details for use of newly added features. Docs: http://www.djiuf.com/v3_documentation.php Other changes included in the...
  12. chase

    SOLD - FOR SALE: DJI OSMO + Accessories

    I have only used the Osmo twice mostly sat in my inventory my loss your gain. DJI OSMO - Price $650.00 2 x Batteries 1 FlexMic 1 Straight Extension Arm 1 Universal Mount 1 DJI Dock Stand 1 Nanuck Carry Case Shipping USA Only Fully Insured Paypal Business Invoice Reason: I just received my...
  13. Kevin Shi

    Hawaii Trip videos with DJI Phantom 3 and OSMO

    Long time no see, my friends! I took a 7-day trip to Oahu, Hawaii this Feb with my family. It was quite challenging to take videos and photos with a baby at age of one. So I chose to wake up early and go out shooting before my wife and son got up, just one place per morning. It was hard but...
  14. dynamic3dSolutions

    Osmo Solo Stand! Record self videos without holding Osmo. Holds 2 micro sd-cards & Reader.

    DJI OSMO Stand with Sd card slots and no slip feet. This stand was designed to hold the Dji OSMO hand held gimbal with phone. It also has 2 micro-sd card slots & 1 regular sd card slot (for a micro-sd Adapter) It also comes with 4 anti-slip pads so you don't have to worry about it sliding...
  15. R

    Is the DJI OSMO a must have?

    Is the DJI OSMO a must have. This video review scores the system and answers that question.
  16. R

    DJI Osmo - first footage - Unedited

    DJI Osmo First Footage Raw Unedited Ok you guys. This is completely raw unedited footage from my Osmo. I literally inboxed it, charged the battery and walked outside and took this test footage. I was not trying to stabLize myself at all, purposefully bouncy steps to see how well it could...
  17. clackey

    DJI Osmo Hands-On: A 4K Cam For Super Steady Video, No Skill Required

    "From amateur to professional, insane amounts of time and effort are spent trying to achieve smooth and steady video footage. DJI’s new Osmo handheld gimbal and 4K camera is meant to be the easiest and quickest path to gorgeous, silky-smooth shots. The Osmo, first teased at CES, resembles a...