1. paulgodard

    Offline affordable mapping software

    Hi everyone, I fly a P4P and so far, I have only successfully used DD to take aerial photos of a 2 km2 field. From South Africa (at least from my location) it is impossible to use clouds service to process the images and create the map (e.g. from 450 images). I am currently testing Pix4Mapper...
  2. A

    Simple Offline / Cached Maps for DJI Phantom and Inspire

    Works exactly like offline Google Maps, yet provides you with 3D map data perfect for flying your drone. Currently Android only, if you want the iOS version you can sign up for the beta here Intelligent Elevation data available everywhere in the US Terrain view and Satellite view available...
  3. ferraript

    [TOOL][WIN] Offline TXT FlightRecord to CSV Converter

    Hi folks, I'm glad to present you the result of my work. A lot of us have been unhappy, because until now, there was no offline TXT FlightRecord to CSV Converter. And after websites such as HealthyDrones and started to charge for their services, I decided I really need some offline...