obstacle avoidance

  1. jrod1944

    No beeps

    I was flying around using fpv. My tablet was down so I was using my phone and the view was limited. I ran into a powerline and the phantom fumbled and continued to fly. I completed the flight and found the landing gear was broken. I purchased a new one and replaced it. Everything is working fine...
  2. Brojon

    Advice on overcoming chicken syndrone (sic) ;)

    As mentioned by another member it's unnerving - not to mention technically a no-no here in the states - to watch your bird sail away on autopilot. A lot of what-ifs start running through your mind. A lot of worry has been alleviated by simulating missions first in Google Earth but I still...
  3. J

    Any Dummy Can Fly a Drone

    For Phantom 4 Pro (and others) Every good pilot uses checklists. Regard your Phantom 4 Pro or other quality UAV as a toy and it will end up as most toys do…broken or lost. As you gain experience with this device you will come to appreciate the sophistication and planning that went into its...
  4. B

    Why Obstacle Avoidance Rules

    Obstacle avoidance is a relatively new feature on drones. It is long needed update because of the areas most people fly in: trees, structures and the occasional power line. Best of all, obstacle avoidance can be a good protector for anyone considering the drone to be an investment. Here is one...
  5. S

    Obstacle avoidance

    I bought my P4 refurbished and the front sensors work but I dont think the bottom works. If i use the controller to land, it will not stop or avoid objects below. Does the bottom sensors only work for RTH or a bad refurbished?
  6. K

    Crash due to failed Obstacle Avoidance - case with DJI?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here on the forum and glad to be among fellow Phantom Pilots. :-) TLDR; Flying slow and steady, my P4 crashed into a tree branch that I didn't see due to bright daylight conditions. The Obstacle Avoidance system didn't detect it either, so the P4 continued to fly...
  7. T

    Obstacle Avoidance And....

    New pilot here and I have a couple of quick questions: 1) Is OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE automatically on or do I need to switch it on? 2) If I put the drone on TRACKING mode, is OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE automatically on? 3) In general, how does OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE interact with other modes such as WAY POINT...
  8. A

    Litchi Waypoint Mission -- a couple of scary experiences that have made me much more weary!

    I recently attempted a Litchi Waypoint Mission that I had already set up on my computer at home. The first thing I noticed, but didn't realize, is that it's entirely possible to load up a mission and simply hit the Play button on the tablet, and watch the drone take off from the ground and...
  9. Skyler King III

    VPS and Forward Obstacle Avoidance on an thing other than Phantom 4?

    I love everything about my P4 but especially the VPS and forward obstacle avoidance. Is there any other drone on the market that has anything as sophisticated as the P4 VPS and obstacle avoidance. I've been a simple forward system on some but maybe I don't know where to look.
  10. Skipholiday

    Obstacle Avoidance

    I haven't turned this feature on. is there anything to know or do? Do both horizontal and parallel? Thanks
  11. George Siomos

    After Calibrating (IMU, Visual Sensors etc) unstable and no obstacle avoidance

    Yesterday was my first flight after a full Phanton 4 calibrating.. First, the dorne did not hover in a meter but for only 30cm from the ground.. When i was flying over abuilding i was close to a wall and althougt the phantom saw the wall (4m from the wall) i was flying closer and closer and it...
  12. R

    Disable Obstacle Avoidance?

    Hi All, Is there a way to disable the obstacle avoidance feature? I'm filming a shot where I want to get real close to the actor, standing on the edge of a cliff, and I want to move out to this brilliant perspective, but the OA won't let me get close enough to my subject. Any help would be...